Sunday, August 28, 2022


Saving Vienna by Vikki Jay
Series: The Teager Family #4

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 26, 2022


Some love stories start after I dos, and mine was certainly one of them.

I was a damsel in distress and Zane Teager was my knight dressed in a three piece suit, riding a Bugatti.
But he wasn’t saving me from some dragons or pirates but my own sick brain.

His offer was generous and beautiful, exactly like him.
We get married until my life was back to normal. Simple.
But nothing was simple in my grand wedding and the designer wedding dress.
Ours was possibly the only fake wedding where every custom was followed to the word...
including consummating the marriage.
Zane was a husband plucked out of dreams, determined to support me in...sickness and health.
And it was easy to forget that our marriage had a ticking clock.


Vienna came into my life by accident. Literally and figuratively.
When I was bringing her to the hospital, I didn’t know she’d be someday sleeping on my bed, demanding sex on our wedding night and so many more.
She was the yin to my yang. Noise to my silence. Light to my darkness.
But she was temporary.
I could never tie her to me...permanently.
The guilt of doing that to her would be bigger than any guilt I have. And I’ve many.

“I c-cannot effing do th-that to her.”

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In those early morning hours when I’m alone, my imaginations run wild and I pen down the life of people living in my head. All my life, I have lived in small towns in different parts of the world. The friendships, the camaraderie that people share around me inspired me to create Cherrywood and St. Peppers, the two towns where all my stories take place. 

I write about beautiful coincidences, finding love in unexpected places and times, and fighting hard to get that happily ever after. 

I reject to read, see, write anything that does not promise a HEA. 
My characters are sexy yet shy, strong yet reserved… 

I am married to a man whom I fell in love at an age of 15, proposed him at an age of 23 and married at an age of 30. He has no clue what I write or do when he is snoring quietly in the next room.


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