Friday, August 26, 2022


Four years ago she received two phones calls that changed her life.  The first was from her childhood sweetheart breaking up with her with no explanation.  The second had her returning home to a huge scandal.

And that was all before she found out that her one-night stand left her with more than smoking hot memories to treasure.

This is the conclusion of the Tequila Rose duet and another excellent story by Willow Winters.  The characters are fully developed and relatable and the suspense will keep you wanting more.

Magnolia...heartbroken and alone with a surprise baby.   Brody...the sexy man she picked up in a campus bar.  Robert...the man who broke her heart.  Who is the dad?  Who will Magnolia choose?

This duet is action packed and I loved all the relationships with the secondary characters.  Magnolia frustrated me at times with her indecision about her relationship with Robert.  And although Robert redeemed himself I am totally happy with her choice.

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