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Mariella Mosconi was rechecking herself in the visor mirror giving herself a pep talk about her upcoming interview for The Brick Hotel's manager job.  The Brick Hotel owned by Gage King...Perrin's husband.

This job would either be a new start or a massive humiliation.  Gossip traveled fast in the small town of Jasper Falls and she was trying to outrun her bad reputation.  A reputation she didn't deserve.  She had been labeled as the 'other woman' and villain when Bran had lied to her along with the rest of the town.

His fiance Perrin was actually the other woman since Mariella had been dating Bran first, but regardless she hadn't known about his cheating.  But, now it was time to face her past and move on.  But that didn't mean she couldn't work there....but Gage King would be her boss....she just hoped he would see her for what she was worth and not her undeserved reputation.

Her goal to make a good impression came to a halt as soon as she stepped in the door when the heel of her leather boot slipped and shot out from under her making her grasp for balance.  Unable to catch herself, her knees hit the hard ceramic floor and she watched as the contents of her purse and her resume spilled out onto the floor.  

As she was trying to get back her composure and gather her belongings, two expensive male shoes appeared in front of her and asked if she needed help.  Not the first impression she wanted to make to her new boss except when she finally looked up it wasn't Gage King in front of her.  No, it was much worse...Harrison Montgomery.  The man who had left town with no explanation to her, the school, his team...just disappeared and breaking her heart.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  Although this is a standalone novel the stories are interconnected with recurring characters.  I would suggest starting with book one to get the full background of everyone in Jasper Falls.

We first meet Harrison in his sister Erin's story My Funny Valentine and to say he wasn't a nice guy is putting it mildly.  Mariella wasn't the only person he deserted.  He left home without a note or a backward glance.  Harrison's backstory can be better understood if you have read My Funny Valentine and it is no wonder that he is closed off and distrustful.  His character really grew in this story when he realized he was punishing the wrong people.

Mariella had been ostracized for something she hadn't done.  She found out Bran's deceit at the same time as the rest of the town, but no one gave her the chance to explain.  I love how even though she loved Harrison she stood her ground and wouldn't let herself be taken advantage of again.

This book is narrated by Amber Battaglia and I fell in love with her when I first heard her in Almost Priest.  She is a one-woman show and although these stories are told in multiple POVs she does an excellent job of not only representing both Mariella and Harrison, but I love her accents for the elder women of this huge family.

I absolutely loved the Jasper Falls Series and highly recommend it and Lydia Michaels.  The book is action packed from page one, full of angst and smoking hot chemistry!

SIDE SQUEEZE is book six of the JASPER FALLS Series

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