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Kinsley found her grandfather's note with a letter from her father in Killian's pocket.  He had lied to her...again.  Now that she knew the truth she was going to make everything right.  She left a note for Killian that she was on her way to turn herself in, but she wasn't on her way to Vegas...she was going to Mexico.  She was going to stop this.

Kinsley had learned that not only was her family guilty of the crimes they are charged with but they are even worse monsters than she was led to believe.  It is much worse than money laundering and fraud.  Her family is into human trafficking and she plans to end it.

As soon as Killian arrives in the US he is put under arrest for harboring a criminal.  He knew immediately that Kinsley had lied about returning to Vegas to turn herself in.  Now he had to convince the FBI that she was innocent and her life was in danger.

What an amazing story!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This is the conclusion of the Maybe Trilogy and what a finish!  Keira Stevens & Wen Ross continue their narration of these characters and do an amazing job bringing them to life.  I loved listening to Keira, but Wen's voice is just swoon worthy as he portrays Killian.

This book is action packed, full of danger, intrigue and suspense.  Beware if you have triggers are this book has torture, human trafficking and other sensitive subject matter.  This book is smoking hot even through all the danger. 

Killian had a surprising reaction to Kinsley's punishments and the blackout scene in Paris was bizarre considering the circumstances, but I totally loved this story and the characters.  Looking forward to more books by Ella Miles and audiobooks by Keira Stevens & Wen Ross.

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