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Scarlett starts hounding Kinsley as soon as she walks into their apartment having been worried all night and having to fend off Kinsley's father's continued phone calls.  She was supposed to have gone out with Scarlett to get drunk and flirt with a man - not go home with a stranger - although nothing happened.  As soon as she walked in his door she started throwing up.

Kingsley and her best friend Scarlett are both models.  Kinsley for Seventeen, Scarlett was a Victoria's Secret model.  She wished she had Scarlett's confidence in her sexuality.

She stares guiltily as her phone starts to ring especially when Scarlett tells her he's been calling every 20 minutes.  She speaks with her father every Friday without fail for guidance.  After her disaster five years ago she agreed that her father and grandfather would make all her major decisions.  She may be in college, but she learned the hard way that she always made the wrong choice.

Gearing herself for a lecture she answers her phone and has to double check the caller ID when she hears her grandfather's voice.  Her grandfather's lecture is the one that truly scares her.  But, she had just turned 21 and she had been determined to finally go out and have some fun.

But her grandfather wasn't calling to lecture her for missing her call to her father.  He was calling to tell her he was sending the plane.  Her father had died the night before...hinting that it was her fault for not calling.

She thought the day her father had died was the worse day of her life...thought nothing could get worse...wrong...the day after the funeral is the worse day.  When her grandfather had finally cornered her.  She loves him....he has guided her all of her life...her modeling career...attending Yale...every major decision and she knows that is why she is here today and she doesn't know that she is ready to hear what he has to say.

When he tells her that the only thing that he and her dad had agreed on was that the company stay in the family and since she and her mother weren't able to take over the reins they had agreed that she should marry someone who could.  It broke her heart that neither would ever think about giving her a chance to be CEO of their corporation of casinos.

She knew that she was going to have to marry for her family and not for love.  It was the reason that she didn't date, but she thought it would be way in the future.  She hasn't even met the man they had considered and her heart dropped when he says they would meet the next day and be married in six months.

She can't get married in six months!  She was only 21...her father had just died, she hadn't finished college, she hadn't should be years down the road.  So she is going to make the most of her last night before meeting her future husband.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This book is a roller-coaster ride with its twists and turns.  What a cliffhanger.  Totally unexpected twist in the story.

This book is action-packed, full of danger, intrigue and suspense and seriously smoking hot.  Keira Stevens does an amazing job narrating this book.  She is very well-spoken and brings all the emotions and feels to bring this story to life.  This is the first Ella Miles story I have read (listened to...) and she is now a one-click author.  The storyline is very engaging and the suspense kept me wanting more.  Highly recommend!

MAYBE YES is book one of the MAYBE, DEFINITELY Trilogy

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