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Kinsley is in shock.  She has just been arrested for money laundering and fraud.  The FBI is accusing her of being complicit in her family's life of crime.  She has no idea what is going on.  There is no way her father or grandfather would be involved in the crimes being brought against them.

Not only is she in jail, but the man that her father and grandfather had hand picked to marry her and take over the business is an undercover FBI agent who has been gathering information against them for the last five years.

She was wrong.  Another bad choice just like five years before.  The mistake that ruined everything for her and why she agreed for her father and grandfather to make all major decisions in her life...including picking out her future husband.  They were wrong.  The man they chose only wanted them in jail.

This story just keeps getting better.  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This is book two in the Maybe trilogy and the books need to be read in order.  

Kinsley is a naive twenty-one-year-old woman who can't make a decision to save her life.  After making a mistake that could have ruined her life she gave over all her important decisions so even though she enjoys modeling it wasn't her choice.  After the death of her father she tries to be more involved in the family business but insecurities along with a grandfather who wants to control her every decision make it difficult.  

Killian has been undercover for the last five years being groomed for the CEO position and in order to take control had to agree to marry Kinsley.  Regardless of being undercover to take down her family, Killian is determined to make Kinsley his.

This book is action-packed, full of danger, intrigue and suspense and smoking hot.  The storyline takes an unexpected curve at the end of book one bringing in a more dangerous atmosphere.  Keira Stevens continues her narration from book one and is joined by Wen Ross as we now have Killian's POV added to the story.

I totally enjoyed listening to Keira Stevens and Wen Ross could be reading the dictionary and making it sound sexy.  They totally brought this story to life.  This book also leaves you with a cliffhanger as Kinsley makes a decision to finally take control of her life.  Highly recommend.

MAYE NEVER is book two of the MAYBE, DEFINITELY Series

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