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Sophie Callaghan is mumbling for Nicholas Newman not to do it as she watches The Young and the Restless with her dog Pongo reflecting on how life in Genoa City would be so much better than her current circumstances of overdue bills and two-minute noodles.

She dressed in her nondescript jeans, boots and black sweater and headed out the door where she would blend into the crowd.  She was great at blending in the background as she took photos.   Her job as a PI necessitated she not be seen.  And she was good at her job.

And tonight she hoped to gather information on Alexander Petrov a billionaire shipping magnate.  She had found her late dad's secret journals.  One that listed the names of people he had swindled including amounts and where they were from, but the other was about Alexander Petrov and she wanted to find out why her dad was obsessed with him. 

For six years she had been trying to find out her dad's secrets since he obviously wasn't the traveling preacher that he portrayed to be.  So she was heading to spend another Friday night at a sex club recording the conversations of one of Alexander's employees hoping to find answers.

As she studied the color coding system of the wristbands letting all know the person's sexual preferences she was trying to avoid what was going on around her.  As she was raised that any sexual contact was only for procreation she was more than a little uncomfortable but determined to find out what insights Babic's conversations will give her into Mr. Petrov.

After sneaking a microphone under the edge of Babic's table she returned to her barstool and glanced around trying to avoid the scenes around her and her eyes widened in shock when they met the gaze of Harlan Franco.  The busiest bounty hunter and major pain in her ... who had faked being attracted to her and then had locked her in a hotel bathroom in just her underwear as he took off with the bounty they were both after.

I loved this book.  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This book is full of amazing characters and I love their interactions and their backstories.  

Sophie found out that her father's life was nothing but a lie, but that devastation doesn't compare to the biggest lie he had told her.

Harlan admits that it was a jerk move to lock Sophie in a hotel bathroom in order to beat her to a runner, but now that he was fighting his attraction to her he needed to keep his distance because he was keeping secrets.  Secrets she wouldn't be happy about if she found out about them.

This book is action-packed from page one.  Harlan is an alpha male who is determined to gain control and Sophie is just determined not to lose herself again under the control of another man.  This book is full of angst and has all the feels.

A book full of mystery, danger, intrigue and suspense as Sophie searches for answers and Harlan tries to keep her safe.  This book is hilarious, steamy hot and will keep you turning the pages.  Can't wait to see what Hayson has in store for the rest of these guys.  Highly recommend!

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