Friday, August 19, 2022


Everything Bianca Romano knew had been a lie.   Here mama's death hadn't been a suicide.  She had been killed because of her papa.  He had been enraged when her mama had discovered his secrets and his multiple affairs.  The sounds of his slaps as they fought.

And then she finds out that she was nothing but an object which he planned to promise her to a man even more despicable than him.  Her face still stings and her mouth won't open properly from the slap Dino Berlusconi had given her after she had bitten him and slammed her fist in his nose.  Before he could do more damage she had grabbed the gun on his desk pointed it at him and pulled the trigger.   

She had killed the most feared man from the most feared crime family.  A man her father had promised her to when she was a child.   Now both her papa and the Berlusconi family were after her.  She needed to leave.  So she grabs a ticket to Victoria's Pearl and takes a seat on the train.  A brand new life.  A brand new identity. 

Victoria pearl is Corvo De La Rossi's town.  His kingdom.  As long as you follow his rules you can enjoy life.  He demands loyalty trust and respect....betrayal is not something he ignores.  Gabriele Romano was one of those men.  He had killed Corvo's parents eight years ago and now thought to steal from him.  Now he is begging for mercy.  

He tells Corvo that his daughter has an inheritance and Gabriele will use it to pay him back and that practically offers his daughter to him on a plate.  The thought that he offered his daughter in exchange for his life without a thought both amazed and enraged him.  

But he is more enraged because he had been told all of the Romanos were dead and to now find out that there is a daughter still alive.

I really had a hard time with this book.  I couldn't relate to the characters or the story.  This is the first time I have read Gayartri R and her writing style is just not for me.

DANCING WITH THE DEVIL is available in Kindle Unlimited!

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