Sunday, August 21, 2022

AUDIOBOOK REVIEW - MAYBE The Complete Series by Ella Miles


I loved this trilogy!  Kinsley made a mistake that almost ruined her life and losing all confidence she agreed to give her father and grandfather complete control of all the important choices in her life.  Which included them choosing her husband...the man who would run their family business instead of her.

She was a model and studied at Yale, but these were choices that were made for her.  Because she was always wrong.  But they made the worse decision of all.  The man they had hand selected to take over the family business and be Kinsley's husband was an undercover FBI agent determined to take them down.

This story is action packed from book one and continues throughout the trilogy.  Kinsley has a ton of growing up to do and she may have confidence in her body because of her modeling career, but that is where her confidence stops.  She is so scared of making the wrong decision that she ends up giving those decisions to others.

Killian went undercover five years before to take down the Felton family and ended up falling in love putting his career in danger.

This series is narrated by Keira Stevens and Wen Ross and they did an amazing job bringing this story and characters to life.  Keira portrayed Kinsley and her emotions perfectly and although Wen did an awesome job bringing Killian to life, I could listen to him read the dictionary and be perfectly content.

This story is smoking hot and covers subject matter that may be triggering...torture, human trafficking, and others.

This is the first time I've read (listened to...) Ella Miles and I truly loved her writing style and characters.  The story kept me engaged and wanting more!  Highly recommend this story, author and narrators!

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