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Ford Montgomery arrived to see his brother and sister waiting for him at the courthouse steps.  They were finally getting justice today.  The man who set the fire four years ago that killed their parents was finally going to pay for his crimes.  On top of their parents' murders, he was also suspected of starting fires that had devastated both Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge.

When the sheriff approached they knew he was getting ready to deliver bad news.  Bobby Ray June had escaped on the way to the courthouse helped by his cousin Waylon.  The sheriff asked if Ford wanted the bounty to bring him back in.

Meghan had worked at the Log Cabin Restaurant for the last four years.  Thanks to her ex-husband Waylon, she had to leave her nursing job after being set up to do a drug run for him.  How she didn't see that he was a drug dealer was beyond her, but thankfully she divorced him as soon as her bail had been posted.

When she arrives to work she sees Marcus sitting in a booth.  Why won't he take 'she doesn't know' as an answer when he wanted to know where to find Waylon?  Evidently, he had stolen something and Marcus wanted it back.

As she is getting ready for her shift a gorgeous stranger walks in the door.  He places his order only to find out he is also looking for Waylon.  But, instead of theft, he wanted him to lead him to Bobby Ray for murdering his parents.

This book is narrated by Rose Dioro & Troy Duran.  It is the first that I have listened to either of these narrators and I loved how they brought this story to life.  Rose perfectly portrayed Meghan and Troy has this deep, soothing, I am in control voice that I loved listening to.

This book is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  The story has a few unexpected twists and turns that put a wrench in their romance that is already troubled with danger and suspense.

This book is full of steamy hot sexual content and these narrators brought Ford and Meghan's story to life from the first word.  Highly recommend this audio!  This is the first time I have read PJ Fiala, but I highly recommend her and will be reading (listening) to more of her writing in the future!

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