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Gemma and her friend Dana arrived at the frat party at Columbia University early so she could get some liquid courage before telling her best friend since childhood that she loved him.  She didn't attend the same college as Parker but was a senior at the best fashion school in midtown and just that morning found out she received the internship as a stylist for a small time designer but hoped it would lead to making her own designs on day.

Parker arrived at the party just as someone accidentally doused her with his drink soaking her blouse.  When they are in the restroom so he can help her remove the stain she blurts out her feelings.  Only when she told him she was in love with him he tells her he loves her a sister.

Six years after her humiliating drunken confession of love, Parker was still there to support her when she needed him.  And now he was helping her move into his spare bedroom after her business failed.  Gerald had not been happy when his clients loved her designs over his and when she opened her own small business styling clients for events she found that Gerald was underbidding and stealing her clients.

As much as she hated it she was sitting in a cab on her way to her interview with Gerald.  If she wanted a job and any hopes of living on her own she needed her old job back.  But, the traffic was at a standstill because of some movie being filmed.  She ended up leaving the cab and running the twelve blocks making her twenty minutes late only to find out Gerald had no intention of hiring her.  He just wanted to humiliate front of the gentleman who had opened the door for her.

The man lifted his glasses and she recognized the gorgeous man from the billboard she had just run by...and he told her, in front of Gerald, that he wanted her to be his stylist.

Wow!  This book is amazing!  This is a slow-burn romance drawing out your anticipation for the time that Gemma and Alex's sparks finally ignite.  But, this book leaves you with a surprising twist and two cliffhangers.  

To one she's a butterfly that meets protection.  To the other she is a precious gem who needs to fly.  Secrets...Gemma has secrets, Alejandro has secrets that Parker is not sharing with Gemma, but Parker has his own secrets.  I love Parker. I truly do,  but I am most definitely team Alejandro. 

This book is action-packed from page one and the suspense will keep you turning the pages waiting to hear their secrets, but especially waiting for the sexual explosion to commence.  I can not wait for the next book to see why Parker has been holding back, what happened at the Pierre Hotel and definitely who Gemma will choose in the end - the man who she has loved her whole life or the man who makes her body tremble as never before.

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