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Thanks to her daddy's thugs Bridey had tracked him down to a pub.  She was happy when her brother Caleb recognized her even after the years their mother had torn their family apart.  But, she was surprised at his shocked reaction.  And sitting beside him was the most shockingly gorgeous man she'd ever laid eyes on.

Even as his green eyes glared at her she wanted to know more about this sexy man.  Brendan Winters, the infamous enchanter.  When they invited her to join them she saw the lust in Brendan's eyes when sat directly in his lap and started rubbing against him.  As she noticed the hungry eyes of the rest of her brother's friends she thought how much more interesting her night had become.  Having them willing sent excitement through her veins although she didn't have a problem using her powers to compel them to do what she wanted.

Brendan woke up to see the biggest regret of his life as he sees Bridey's sleeping body next to him.  He had been crazy about Alanna and they had bound their souls to each other.  That was until he caught her kissing his brother Liam last night.  In a fit of rage and soul-shattering heartbreak, he sold himself into sexual slavery to the dark fae enchantress he despised if she would severe his soul link to Alanna.  

Looking down he found metal cuffs attached to heavy chains bound around his ankles in a metal impervious to magic, making him truly her sex slave for one year.  A contract that he had signed in blood agreeing to complete sexual servitude and his complete submission to her for any sexual act she desires for her promise to take away his soul-crushing pain.  Failure to submit would lead to forced compliance and severe punishment.

Caleb got sick to his stomach at the level of intimacy between Bridey and their father but detested even more how much his body responded to her advances.  His father had corrupted his sister turning her into a monster who in turn took his innocence.  His family was all sorts of messed up and he hated being a part of Bridey's dark syndicate, but he wasn't given a choice.  It was either his deviant sister or if you could believe it, his even worse father.

This is book three of the Winter's Magic series which takes you into a paranormal world of magic hidden among humans.  The story is action-packed, full of danger and intrigue and the suspense will keep you turning the pages.  Laelia Starla's characters are fully developed and the multiple POVs give the story and characters even more depth.  

The sexual content is at times dark dealing with incest, non-concentual contact and BDSM scenes, but also highly erotic and full of steamy hot sex scenes.  This is Brendan's story where he fell into dark magic and even though I highly recommend reading this series in order some may want to skip to the next book in the series since his ventures into the darker side of magic are referenced in all the other books as this one gives you an all-access (and I mean all) into this dark debauchery.

If you haven't read Winter's Maiden, back up and start reading from the beginning of this series.  This series is full of white and dark magic and is based on Alanna Winter starting from her teenage years and learning of her family history and her inherited powers that until then didn't know about.  This series is very dark, but highly worth the time if your triggers are low.

Brendan will always be the favorite of the brothers for me and this book takes you on a journey to further understand this complicated man.  Love Laelia Starla!  Her books aren't for the faint-hearted, but I highly recommend them!

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