Sunday, May 8, 2022


Corinna bartended to make ends meet as she took pastry classes in hopes of one day opening a bakery.  Her night is going down the drain fast and she has six hours left in her shift.  She has already cut her finger slicing a lemon and was having a hard time keeping her corset top from exposing more than she cares to in front of these customers.  And now some drunkard had ruined her favorite leather leggings when he spilled his beer down her body.

She couldn’t wait to get home to a hot shower and her kindle and spend the night with a book boyfriend.  It had been over a year since dating as she had found boyfriends to be nothing but a nuisance.  Give her a book any day.  But just thinking about the man who showed up at her friend's apartment this morning in an Armani suit was giving her some thoughts about how well he could probably give a girl the night of her life.  

Maxim had shown up at Dylan's apartment door and changed the locks without her permission and then threatened to spank Corinna if she didn't return inside her apartment across the hall and cover herself.  

She was jolted out of her daydream as a man demanded a beer.  Looking at his unkempt and obviously drunkenness she sent her bar partner to get management.  Trying to distract him until someone could remove him from the bar she told him she had several orders before him but would be right with him.  Then she noticed the limes she needed were near him.  As she tried to reach them without his notice he reached and grabbed her wrist pulling her into the bar and raising his fist.

She closed her eyes waiting for the punch she knew was coming.  When his snarling stopped mind rant and his grasp released, she opened her eyes to see a strong tattooed arm slam the drunkard's face into the bar.  Her eyes connected to furious emerald green eyes.  Maxim had found her.

If you love dark mafia romance, you are going to love this book!  Maxim is a dangerously gorgeous man with a violent temper who falls instantly in love with Corinne and he lets her know immediately how displeased he is at how exposed she is to the eyes of the bar patrons.

This book is dangerous and action-packed from the very beginning and kept me turning to pages as Corinne is drawn into a world she didn't want and a man who both terrified and mesmerized her.  This book is steamy hot with some triggers, full of danger and suspense.

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