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Samantha is stressing.  She can't get a signal on her phone to check on her grades.  She already had misgivings about this trip, misgivings that Braydon obviously doesn't have as he taps the steering wheel in time to the music.  It was just starting to occur to her that some would think she was in a relationship with Braydon, but even though they've been to dinner and shared several kisses, she wasn't there yet.

They were on the way to his family's home in the mountains for their three-week break.  If it wasn't for her parents being in Florida she wouldn't be going with Braydon, but the thought of staying by herself for those three weeks was not something she wanted to think about.  She is staring at him stupidly when he tells her who would be there when they arrived.  She knew that he came from a large family, but SEVEN children?  How was she going to remember it all?

When he referred to her as his girlfriend earlier it threw her.  He had never asked her out, they hadn't slept together, they've eaten together but it was usually because of friends.  When he finally did ask for her phone number it was just to text to ask when she was going to the college cafeteria on random days.  So she was surprised when he asked her to come home with him.  Evidently, coming from such a large family spending time alone was incomprehensible to him.

She woke to realize they had arrived.  She had never seen so many stars in her life and she felt like all she had to do was reach up and grab one.  A house that even in the darkness you could tell was massive appeared in front of them.  She fell in love when she realized she would be in a real life log cabin.  

When she woke the next morning she gathered her toiletries and headed to the bathroom only to come to a halt at the sight of the gorgeous naked man.  She was only able to stand there and gawk.  She has never seen such a beautiful sight in her life.  Braydon's brother, Colin...Colin, who was about to take his vows...and become a Priest.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This is the first time I have listened to Amber Battaglia and she did an amazing job bringing Colin and Samantha's story to life.  This story is being told from several POVs and I can't wait to hear about the remaining McCullough family members.  

This romance has several twists and Amber's narration brings this story to life.  Not only do we hear Colin & Samantha's story, but get a peek into the lives of a few of Colin's siblings.  Samantha had always put all her energy into college to earn her teacher's degree until she set eyes on Colin.  Colin decided as a teenager that being a priest was his life's calling.  He had never in the intervening ten years questioned that choice until he laid eyes on Samantha.

This book is action packed from the first word.  I literally didn't take a break listening to this audiobook as I wanted to see what was going to happen next in this forbidden romance.  There is tons of guilt, some shocking revelations and smoking hot sexual chemistry.  Highly recommend this audiobook.  Amber Battaglia brought Lydia Michael's story to life and I really can't wait to see what's next.

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