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Gael Leon was part of the Mont Blanc Search and Rescue Team.  Climbing had always been a way of life for him.  Even when he climbed professionally it was never just a sport to him.  They had just received a call from a frantic 12-year-old boy.  He and his stepfather were halfway up a 5.10 climb when his stepfather was there and then he was gone taking most of their equipment and water with him in his fall.

Remy joined him to assist in the rescue.  He was an expert climber and mountain guide and even though he wasn't part of their team, he assisted when needed.  Gael always enjoyed climbing with Remy and knew he would have his back.

After their rescue, Damien asked him to meet the team for drinks as he needed a favor.  Damien rarely had drinks with the team so he knew it was important.

Diana was back in Chamonix for the summer to spend time with her mother.  She needed a break after her divorce.  Diana was a glaciologist and taught at the University of Grenoble and she realized she wanted to go rock climbing.  She had stopped 5 years ago when she had started dating her ex.  He didn't understand why she would court death by climbing.

When she runs into Damien at the grocery store she asks if he can refer a climber to help her train since she was out of shape.  Her goal is to climb Petit Dru before the end of summer and would prefer to climb with someone Damien trusted.

Gael didn't have a type.  He loved women of all shapes and sizes.  He only had three rules...they can't be married...not be a co-worker...and not expect a happily-ever-after.  And the woman who is walking toward them is the most gorgeous woman he has ever seen.  That is until Damien tells him she's the favor...she needs someone to help her climb Petit Dru.  Nope.  The one and only time he climbed with a woman almost ended catastrophically and he had no plans for it to happen again.

This has to be my favorite of the series to date.  I say that every time, but this series just keeps getting better with each story.  It is very well written and in fact very knowledgeable about mountain rescue and climbing.  The depth of detail makes you feel like you are rappelling alongside Gael.  

The characters are fully developed and after reading and getting to know them through this series they feel like family.  This is the first time meeting Diana, but we met Gael at the beginning of the series and all I can say is that Diana isn't the only one who wants to hear him read anything as long as it is in his native tongue.

I love how J.R. Pace sets up the scenes of the story.  It's not just H/h. They have a life and interaction with others having a full set of characters, many that I've fallen in love with throughout this amazing series.  I first fell in love with J.R. Pace with Cold and Bitter Snow and I look forward to keeping reading her in the future.  Definitely should be on your one-click list!  

This author knows the mountains, whether it be skiing, climbing, or rescuing her attention to detail is amazing. 

This book is action-packed from page one, full of suspense and danger and smoking hot chemistry!  This series just keeps getting better and I can't wait to see what dangers are coming next.


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Although COLD AND BITTER SNOW is not considered part of the MONT BLANC RESCUE Series, I would consider this novella as a prequel to the series.

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