Wednesday, June 22, 2022


Kathi Goldwyn and Casi McLean host a Reading Challenge several times a year!  I participated in their Winter Reading Challenge and met some wonderful authors and read some amazing books!  Looking forward to the Summer Fling Reading Challenge. 

Read more about their event and how to join!

Are you an author who would like to participate?  

Summer Fling is a month long event starting in July. It's a read and review challenge to win the top prize of $200. 

There are 4 sessions, each lasting a week. Readers read and review for a final drawing at the end of the event. Each time they review, their name is entered into the drawing again and again. 

Book are FREE, daily parties are FREE and tons of prizes are FREE. The idea is to have summer FUN, no stress, no race to the end. Meet all our authors and enjoy their work.

Event starts on July 15th.

Every time you contact an author for a gift of their book, proof of last review is required. 

If you are a reader it's free to sign up. 

Authors are required to have more than a couple published works and a certain level of average reviews. All of this is broken down on the sign up form.

 Ask for a link. Once the genre is filled that's it though, space is limited.

The purpose of Summer Fling is two fold. It gives author exposure to a ton of new readers. Our hope is that they get good reviews during the month. For readers we hope they discover new one click authors.

Say your 'going'

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