Friday, June 17, 2022



If you like bratty women who need a Daddy Dom, then you are going to love this series!  This is a FULL SERIES boxset!

Daddy's Stowaway
Antonia is running away and makes the mistake of trying to stowaway on a plane. Unfortunately, the ticket to Tahiti she swipes belongs to Alexander, the owner of the airlines. and he is going to make sure she understands what happens to bad girls.

Daddy's Castaway
Ocean stowed away on a yacht to escape a stalker and when Dorian literally fishes her out of the ocean, he is determined to teach her the consequences of putting her life in danger.

Daddy's Runaway
Amara ran away from home years ago heartbroken. Finally returning home after living on the streets she finds that King has been waiting for her and plans to punish her for running away.

Rogue London has written an amazing series of women who are running away from a dangerous situation only to find themselves in further trouble. These strong women are full of sass and the men who love them are determined to protect them at all costs, including spanking some sense in the brats who don't think before acting.

Rogue London's Daddy Dom books are full of action, smoking hot and contain lots of beware if these aren't your cup of tea.

Highly recommend this series and anything written by Rogue London!!!


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