Monday, June 20, 2022

REVIEW - CONOLL by Skylar West

Maya was on her way to a two-week retreat.  Not her idea.  One of her co-workers Abigail basically tricked her into attending as she thought it was a group girl's trip.  They weren't really that close, but since her divorce two years ago she has spent time with her on girl's nights.

When they crested the hill and a medieval castle came into view, she started to feel more optimistic about this trip.  The Sinclair Legacy Center had been built to resemble the Berwich Castle in Scotland and it was simply stunning.

The retreat hosted by Fiona Sinclair was a blend of yoga with a safe and open environment to find your soulmate.  Maya felt broken and alone and although she doubted she would find her soulmate, she was looking forward to the healing effects of yoga.

As Conoll stepped off his private plane he left the stresses of his billion dollar empire behind.  When Fiona called him and told him that the time had arrived, he had been intrigued enough to free his schedule and leave immediately.  

He had been going to The Sinclair Legacy Center for years as he found that practicing yoga and reiki along with meeting people who had nothing to do with his business of corporate takeovers kept him grounded.

But, this trip Fiona had promised that she had found his soulmate.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  Skylar West went into retirement as she began writing as Rogue London under a different genre.  What an amazing return with Conoll!

Maya had made the mistake of marrying her boss and after finally realizing who he really was she divorced him.  His family made sure that she left with nothing.  She was demoted at work with a huge decrease in salary, but due to the five-year contract new employees are forced to sign, she couldn't even leave her job.

When she met Conoll she was overwhelmed by this dominating man.  He was massive at 6'5" and the most gorgeous man she had ever seen.  But, she soon found out that she was willing to give him all control and protect her.  Both from herself and her past.

This book has it all.  Action and suspense, danger and intrigue and smoking hot chemistry.  This book deals with power exchange and spanking so beware if that's not your cup of tea.  Another excellent book by Skylar West!  Highly recommend.

CONOLL is book one of the DOMS OF DESTINY Series

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