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Ethan can't believe that just six months ago he stepped through the portal that took him to Charlie's family mansion on another planet.  He only visited on weekends but in three years he planned to live there permanently working on inventions with Charlie only returning to Earth to visit his parents.  But, right now they needed to find Maya and hopefully, Shannon can give him information about their kidnapping so they can find the family who had bought them.

Shannon and Maya had been on a sleepover and as she was falling asleep she felt a prick in her neck and the next she remembered she was in a room with other kids.  Stolen by The Reapers.  They were lucky enough to have been bought together, but these people weren't nice and their son was pure evil and had taken Maya as his personal toy.  Shannon was able to escape and she wouldn't rest until Maya had been rescued and was safe.

Charlie is coming home for Christmas and bringing his alien girlfriend.  Part of her hates Charlie for leaving although he was an age to move out anyway.  She knew things had to change.  It just seems like they are growing up too fast.  The next thing he'll be making wedding plans.  She was jealous that he gets to play in space and she had to remain on Earth.

She's 14, maybe she should start thinking about her future.  She was seriously thinking about medical school,  but she doesn't just want to help humans.  She was currently helping her parents with Ethan's railroad helping with any injuries before the kids they rescued could be returned to their family.  She wanted to help not only humans, but the aliens that Charlie and Ethan now lived with in space.  

She is angry that he refuses to let her help saying that the universe is too dangerous.  When she has finally calmed down and is almost asleep, she sees a flash of light, feels a prink in her neck and hears a soft 'I'm sorry' before she is out cold.

Charlie has just returned from Earth and as he is packing for their mission to rescue Maya, he receives a call from an unknown number to find out that his sister Molly has been kidnapped and he had 24 hours to pay their ransom demand or she would never be found.

But Charlie and his friends, Ethan and Zaynt are planning to steal her back and make sure they pay for kidnapping her.  He only prays they can find her in time.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  This book is full of action from page one.  This young adult novel will keep you on the edge of your seat as you follow Charlie and his friends as they try to  save those who were stolen from Earth to be sold as slaves throughout the galaxy.

As these kids are getting older they are running into more adult situations and dangers.  I highly recommend this book and series.  You won't be able to put them down once you begin reading!

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