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Juliet is sitting on her bed watching Becca and Madison rummaging through her closet and dresser drawers packing a suitcase.  She's going to have to repack everything.  Did they not know that she had a packing list?  And things have to be folded a certain way?  To top that off, her two best friends just showed up on her doorstep and told her they were going for a long weekend.  She was not closing herself off on her birthday.

She really didn't want to celebrate her birthday.  She is getting ready to turn twenty-eight and thought she would be married by this point in her life.  Instead, the man she had been dating for years decided to break up with her last month and the really sad thing was that she wasn't sad for the breakup...even though they were alike in many ways, he was rather boring in the bedroom.  No matter how many times she offered to mix things up he didn't take the hint.

Her friends are refusing to give her their weekend plans telling her to stop being an over-thinking control freak.  They head toward the highway and drive the several hours to Jetty Beach.  She remembers coming here when she was younger and she questions their decision to spend the weekend at the beach considering the dreary rain, but they tell her there was a reason they picked Jetty Beach.

When they pull in front of an old church she looks at them in confusion.  Even more confused when they hand her the first of her birthday gifts.  She opens the box to find a very sexy lace negligee.  Then they tell her that they scheduled her for a boudoir photo session.  She decides this is the perfect time to do something spontaneous. 

Finn holds the door to the Mariner's Grille for the three women exiting.  They are so involved in their conversation they really don't notice his smile.  Although he could eat at his bar, he decided to get a sandwich instead before heading to work.  There doesn't seem to be any other customers in the restaurant and the table next to him hasn't been cleared of the dishes.  Then he notices a black folder on the table.  Did it belong to the women who just left?

Finn looks around feeling guilty about looking inside the folder especially when he sees Ryan Jackson Photography stamped on the front.  Ryan is one of his friends and he is well aware of the type of photographs he takes.  He was initially going to leave them with the waiter, but the thought of him leering at these photos turned his stomach, so instead he takes them with him and decides to call Ryan instead.

I loved listening to Ava Lucas & Richard Sawyer as they narrated Juliet & Finn's story.  This story is very well written and the characters are fully developed and relatable.  

This is the first time I have listened to either of these narrators.  Ava Lucas did a wonderful job bringing Juliet to life.  Her voice is full of energy and just the perfect amount of frustration.  Loved...loved...loved Richard Sawyer's portrayal of Finn...that accent...sigh.  Reading a Claire Kingsley novel is always a treat and joy, but hearing it told through these narrators made it even better.

Highly recommend the book, Claire Kingsley and both these narrators!

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