Wednesday, June 15, 2022

REVIEW - THE KING by Jessika Klide

Cindy Lovette was definitely living the life of her name Cinderella.  As she is changing the sheets in the master bedroom, her step-sister Margaret yells they'll save her a seat as she slams out the front door.  She sneaks down the back hallway to avoid her stepmother and the scary man she is with and starts the wash cycle and then starts folding and hanging up her step-sisters clothes from the dryer.

Before her dad died shortly after marrying her step-mom when she was twelve, there were a mansion full of servants, she wore pretty dresses and took riding lessons.  That all came to a halt the day of her dad's funeral.  There were no new clothes.  In fact, the dress she was wearing tonight for her twenty-first birthday celebration was the same one that was bought for her at Target for her dad's funeral and had been way too large and fit like a sack.

But if they thought she was going to be forced to go out with them with the threat of a beating and dressed in an ill fitting outfit they were in for a big surprise.  She had altered the dress into a form fitting strapless dress.  She may be forced to go with them, but the second the clock strikes twelve she is leaving and NOT coming back.  She has no money, no friends and nowhere to go, but she refuses to be a prisoner in her own home any longer.

She knew her step-sisters were unpredictable, but she was shocked when the Uber dropped her off not at an upscale restaurant, but a dive bar.  A dive bar full of bikers.  This was not good.  She crosses the parking lot in her clear high heels that they gave her as a Cinderella jab and grab her as soon as she clears the doorway, dragging her to the table with their friends.  An oversized-overfilled beer is shoved into her hands with chants of 'chug, chug, chug', but Margaret pretending to grab the beer because she didn't turn 21 until midnight, deliberately spilled it down the front of her dress.

When she has finally had enough of their continued humiliation and pranks, she pretends to go to the restroom stealthily snagging one of her step-sisters phones on the way, orders an Uber and heads for the door.

Aiden Braswell is in town and all he wants is to get drunk, bash in some heads and get laid.  When none of his friends answer he pulls into the first dive bar he comes across looking to pick a fight.  He is a Navy SEAL and hasn't been on a mission in months and needs to burn off some steam.

Just as he pulls into a space in front of the bar, a vision steps out of the bar.  Before he can put his rental car in park, she has opened his backdoor, thrown in her shoes and purse and climbed in telling him to get her out of there as fast as he can.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the characters are fully developed.  Cinderella is always a wonderful story and I couldn't put this retelling down waiting to see how Jessika Klide was going to give a modern day slant on this classic fairytale.

I love Cindy.  She may be sheltered (and not for reasons of protection) and naive, but she is was just waiting for adulthood to make her escape.  Aiden fell in love the second she entered his car not realizing he was not an Uber driver and when he wakes up the next morning to find her missing is determined to find her.

This is a short read, but it still packs in tons of drama and smoking hot chemistry!  Highly recommend this book and anything by Jessika Klide!

THE KING is book two of the RISQUE FAIRY TALES Series

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