Thursday, December 16, 2021

AUDIOBOOK REVIEW - LOST IN THE DARK by Ann Jensen narrated by Gregory Salinas & Shammen McCune

Lost in the Dark is narrated by Gregory Salinas & Shammen McCune.  This is the first time I have listened to either of these narrators and they are amazing.  They truly brought this story to life!

Gregory's voice will give you chills...of the sexy kind.  Shammen not only speaks in several different languages throughout this book, but also wide range of ages from toddler to older adult and doesn't miss a beat.  


Tari doesn't understand why she let her roommate talk her into joining her friends for a night out for an end of the semester celebration.  She has nothing in common with these cheerleaders.  She was so far from these trust fund babies it was laughable.  After several hours and three dive bars she was ready to escape.

She had been "saved from savagery" by Christian missionaries who had adopted her and had traveled around the world until finally settling down a few years ago in a religious commune in Colorado.  She was only attending college because her parents assumed she was going to be a missionary doctor.  So not in her plans.

She looks at the team captain in shock when they tell her that they wanted to invite her to be on the cheerleading team.  And then insult her by saying that they can't get any men to be their spotter and since she was so big they thought of her.  Did they just compare her to a man because she was tall?

The gorgeous man at the bar that she has been eyeing all night laughs when he overhears her response to their insults and she joins him at the bar leaving those idiots behind.  

Dragon is a Navy SEAL and leaving in the morning for a mission.  When he asks if she'll spend the night with him she agrees.  When she wakes in the morning he is gone.  But he left her with a gift.

This is book two of the DARK SONS MC Series and it is just as action packed and full of danger as book one.  I absolutely love Dragon!  He is 6'6" of male perfection.  He joined the Dark Sons after finishing his tour for the comradery and a place to belong.  

Tari was headed for a degree in medicine when life takes a turn and her parents disowned her.  Although she tried to locate Dragon, she didn't have a real name.  Why did she not ask for his real name?

I really loved this story.  After several years have gone by Tari finds out a co-worker knows who she is looking for and makes plans to get them together, but circumstances and life threatening danger keep them apart.  This book is full of danger, suspense and smoking hot chemistry.  Tari meets all our favorites from book one as they accept her as part of their family.

Ann Jensen has written another amazing story about this MC club and I can't wait to see what comes next!  Highly recommend not only this book and series, but you definitely have to listen to the audiobooks!

LOST IN THE DARK is book two of the DARK SONS MC Series

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