Monday, December 27, 2021


Beside Lena's breakfast plate was a small jewelry box and a jar with red and yellow capsules.   Her husband John informed her that she is to take one every morning with her meal as they will make her nauseous.  She listens in horror as he tells her they are fertility pills and he needed an heir.  

When she said what if she didn't want a child (at least not his!), he just looked dispassionately at her nose and eye and said maybe he should make different arrangements with the Board of the Marked Blooms Syndicate.  Which meant she would either be returned to Oakmont or killed.

As the owner and CEO of a pharmaceutical company her husband has made sure that her medicine cabinet was full of a regiment of pills for everything that ailed her.  As she looked in the bathroom mirror and saw the purple tinge under her eye she remembered why she had agreed to an arranged marriage through the Marked Blooms syndicate to begin with.

She had been happy in the past to live her days in a vacant state, but no more.  She jabbed a toothbrush off the counter and forged it down her throat until her breakfast and those pill expelled from her stomach.  And then she started pouring pills after pills down the toilet.  But then she realized what she had done and knew she had to find replacement pills for the bottles.  She was luckily allowed out by herself so she could hit the vitamin store in hopes to find similar looking pills to the drugs she had just flushed.

Desmond watched her every night when she came onto her balcony and even though she held still you could see the tears flowing down her face.  He had to laugh because what did the wife to the owner of Shin & Co Inc have to cry about.  There were rumors of near bankruptcy, but that a past project was being resurrected.  He wondered how much Lena knew and how long before the bored neglected wife gave him the information he needed.

Desmond had been interviewed by Upchurch and Saunders Bloom but was in his final meeting which included the head of the Marked Blooms Syndicate, Gore Bloom.  He would be given 3 tasks.  One - save the life of someone who many believed didn't deserve to live.  Two - eliminate a target of one of the existing members.  And three - an offering at the next Masquerade Ball as the true purpose of the Marked Bloom Syndicate was purely sadistic pleasure and indulgence. 

I loved this book!  This is a dark romance full of intrigue, suspense, danger, humiliation and pain.  This book is action packed and full of twists and turns.  Another great story by Audrey Rush who is the queen of depravity!  Highly recommend this book!!!

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