Monday, December 27, 2021

REVIEW - HIS STRIPPER by Darcy Rose & Isabella Starling

Hazel's gas tank is running on empty, no money, no job, no home....

She had turned eighteen a few weeks ago and after receiving the lewd offer to be able stay in the foster home, she grabbed the measly amount of money she had and left.  She just left an interview that ended before it began when she was told the position had already been filled.  She was determined to not give into the tears she could feel behinds her eyelids.

She hears her car again beeping and the red light taunting her.  She looked down at the dash realizing that the gauge is showing under E when there's a crash.  She had just hit another car that had stopped for the light.  An expensive car with a gorgeous man slamming the car door as he exits.

Myles is livid.  Someone just rammed his car.  He slams out of his car and is angry enough to commit murder.  What's the point of being in the Mafia if you can't kill people who piss you off.  Until he gets to the owner of the rusting car behind him.  He hates killing women and this one crying hysterically looks to be a teenager.

Loved this book!  Myles is getting ready to get a taste of his own medicine and his brothers are loving getting back at him for his actions against their girlfriends.  

This book is action packed and smoking hot.  Myles may be dangerous, but never more so than when the woman he is interested in is in danger.

Highly recommend!

HIS STRIPPER is book four of the DANCE FOR ME Series

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