Sunday, December 12, 2021

REVIEW - RESOLVE by Sally Holt

Maggie is having a dream.   Reality merging into a nightmare.  It begins with Tucker on his knees at the Italian restaurant proposing, but then they are rolling down a hill and when they finally hit bottom Tucker is laying lifeless beside her.  

Knocking wakes her from her nightmare and when she opens the door expecting Tucker she finds that her nightmare is becoming real as the officer tells her she's sorry, but Tucker had died in a robbery.

Maggie is packing up all her belongings from her high school Spanish class.  She can't get away from these hormonal students fast enough.  It's the last day of school before summer break and she really doesn't know if she will return.  Everything has changed since Tucker's death a year ago and she just needs a change.  

She's on her second glass of wine while she waits for her weekly call from her cousin AJ.  When she tells her how discouraged she is she is shocked when AJ tells her to quit her job in Florida and come stay with her and her husband Zane in Virginia and make a fresh start away from all the memories. 

When she finally arrives in Virginia she is surprised that Zane has set up an interview with Cole Security for the next morning.  She wanted a change, but was she ready?

I loved this book!  It is very well written and deals tremendously with loss of a loved one and moving on.  All of the characters are fully developed and fully relatable.  

Maggie is an amazing woman who can't seem to find her way after grief.  I haven't had boyfriend/fiance/husband die but Sally Holt has written such a gripping emotional story that your heart breaks for Maggie.  Her journey to finding love after tragedy is very inspiring.

This book begins with memories, but soon becomes full of action and danger.  It is full of emotion and smoking hot.  Highly recommend this book and will definitely be reading more by Sally Holt!

Available on Kindle Unlimited!

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