Monday, December 27, 2021

REVIEW - HIS DANCER by Darcy Rose & Lucy Smoke

Cara is just finishing a double at the diner when she hears footsteps and finds herself being grabbed and a bag shoved over her head before she can make it inside her car.  She manages to escape for a few minutes but before she gets too far she is restrained and thrown in a car.  

Ace isn't happy about hurting a woman, but he needs to find her brother.  He won't let his brothers down.  David Rawlings owed his family a huge sum of money and just disappeared.  The oldest of the six Hale brothers, no one gets away with double crossing them and those who do find out quickly why the Hale brothers are feared.

Cara didn't think her life could get any worse, but now she finds herself stolen by a mob boss to pay for crimes of a brother she doesn't have.

This is the last book in the Dance for Me series and it is just as amazing as the rest.  Unlike the previous books where Ace's brothers try to shield their women from the family business, Ace needs to know if Cara can live with their reality and throws her right in the middle.  

This book is action packed and Ace puts Cara in degrading and humiliating situations so she has not doubt who she is dealing with.  This is a great series of books by Darcy Rose and various authors and I highly recommend them.

HIS DANCER is book five of the DANCE FOR ME Series

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