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Her Righteous Protector by Caitlyn O'Leary
Series: Night Storm #8

Genre: Romantic Military Suspense
Release Date: November 23, 2021


Navy SEAL Lieutenant Max Hogan has watched as every single one of his men has paired off. He is beginning to wonder if there is something more to life than just mission after mission.

He is surprised the moment he’s asked to attend the reading of a will and even more surprised when he discovers who has passed away. He was sad this woman he’d had a brief relationship with was dead, but he hadn’t seen her for five years, so why in the world would he be sitting in her lawyer's office?

Ten minutes later Max is staring at the man, uncomprehending. The lawyer’s words don’t make any sense. His lips continue to move, but all Max keeps hearing is that first sentence.

“Megan wanted you to have custody of your son if anything ever happened to her.”

He has a son?

Once centered around endless missions and keeping his men safe, Max’s life is about to change in ways he never expected. Can he rise to this unexpected challenge, and will he have to do it alone? Or will his son’s guardian turn out to be his closest ally—and more?

This is an action, adventure, romantic, stand-alone novel.




When Max Hogan got done with his shower and put on a t-shirt and cargo shorts, he called his neighbor, Lester Sinclair, Mikey’s father. Lester answered on the first ring.

“Hi Max. Feel like some home cooking?”

Max winced. “You don’t have to go to any trouble. I was planning on Pollard’s for some chicken. How does that sound?”

“Sounds great, but only if you let me pay,” the older man said.

“Normally that would be great, but I won a bet with Cullen today. He thought he could beat me on the obstacle course. He lost. I’ve got cash burning a hole in my pocket.”

Lester let out a hearty laugh. “Well if we’re eating on Cullen’s dime, let’s go for it. You know what Mikey and I like. Come on over.”

“I should be there in about a half hour.”

“Sounds good.”

Max picked up the keys on his counter, plus the hot wheels that he’d bought last weekend and left his house. He moved his truck to the street, then locked it. It was a perfect night for a drive in the convertible, what’s more Mikey would love a ride in the convertible. He drove over to Pollard’s and put in an order for twenty pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes, hush puppies, coleslaw, corn on the cob, fried okra, cinnamon apples, green beans and homemade corn muffins. He knew that Lester was on a tight budget so this should last awhile.

When he parked the Cougar on the street in front of the Sinclair’s house he wasn’t surprised in the least to see Mikey out front waiting for him. The big man’s grin was a sight for sore eyes.

“Max! Max! Max! I mowed your grass! Did you see? Did you?”

He was practically jumping up and down in excitement.

He ran down the walkway and gripped the side of Max’s car.

“I can help carry in dinner? Did you get hush puppies? Them’s my favorite.”

“I did,” Max assured Mikey. He handed him one of the bags, then hit the button to bring the top up so he could lock the car while he was inside with Mikey and Lester. By the time he walked up to the door Mikey had the screen door open, waiting for him.

“I got your mail today, too!”

Max grinned at Mikey’s exuberance. Everything the man said was an exclamation, how could anyone be unhappy when they were around someone so filled with joy?

“Mikey, don’t block the door and let Max in, the food is getting cold.”

“I’m not Dad, I’m helping.” Max handed Mikey another sack of food and followed him into the kitchen table. Lester had already started to unload the containers of food.

“What did you do, buy out the entire restaurant?” Lester asked.

“I was hungry and everything looked good,” Max explained. He dumped the last bag onto the table and went to the cupboard to get the plates, then grabbed the silverware they were going to need. When he was done he reached into the fridge and found the ever present pitcher of sweet iced tea. He might spend a lot of time over at his friend and teammate’s home, but if he had to say where he felt most comfortable, it was with Lester and Mikey, it reminded him of some of the homes he and grown up in.

When they got settled down at the table, Mikey grabbed their hands. “Can I say grace?” he asked?

“Of course,” Lester answered.

“Bless us oh Lord, and these our guests for the bounty for which we are about to receive, thank you, Amen. And thank for a whole bunch of food from Max, especially the hush puppies.”




Caitlyn O’Leary is a USA Bestselling Author, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author and a Golden Quill Recipient from Book Viral in 2015. Hampered with a mild form of dyslexia she began memorizing books at an early age until her grandmother, the English teacher, took the time to teach her to read -- then she never stopped. She began re-writing alternate endings for her Trixie Belden books into happily-ever-afters with Trixie's platonic friend Jim. When she was home with pneumonia at twelve, she read the entire set of World Book Encyclopedias -- a little more challenging to end those happily.

Caitlyn loves writing about Alpha males with strong heroines who keep the men on their toes. There is plenty of action, suspense and humor in her books. She is never shy about tackling some of today’s tough and relevant issues.

In addition to being an award-winning author of romantic suspense novels, she is a devoted aunt, an avid reader, a former corporate executive for a Fortune 100 company, and totally in love with her husband of soon-to-be twenty years.

She recently moved back home to the Pacific Northwest from Southern California. She is so happy to see the seasons again; rain, rain and more rain. She has a large fan group on Facebook and through her e-mail list. Caitlyn is known for telling her “Caitlyn Factors”, where she relates her little and big life’s screw-ups. The list is long. She loves hearing and connecting with her fans on a daily basis.


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