Monday, December 27, 2021

REVIEW - THEIR BALLERINA by Darcy Rose & C Hallman

Payton is so angry.  She is trying to avoid Matthew, the creepy owner of the dance studio only to be cornered by him after her dance practice telling her he wanted the last six months of gym membership fees.  Fees he had waived because she couldn't afford them due to being a preschool teacher.  Fees he now wanted paid with sex.

After crushing his privates in her hands she escapes his office as fast as she can only to run into a solid wall.  A nice smelling breathing wall.

Cash and his twin Kane have just walked into the ballet studio that Madison attends when a whirlwind plows into him.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and I love these characters.  This is a MFM romance that is full of heat and a continuing story of the six Hale mafia brothers.

I was unable to put this book down!  Although this series are novellas they are action packed and full of danger and steamy hot!  Highly recommend!

THEIR BALLERINA is book two of the DANCE FOR ME Series!

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