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THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY - THE EXTRA Series by Megan Walker & Janci Patterson

The Extra Series by Megan Walker & Janci Patterson 

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The Extra Series is a rom-com series set in various aspects of the entertainment industry. The first, The Extra, is about a girl who gets a job as an extra on a soap opera set—and finds loads of drama both on set and off.

Ready to Rumba, our upcoming release is a fun, steamy story about two ballroom dancers—think Strictly Ballroom meets How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. It’s a standalone, so you don’t need to have read any of the previous books, but if you have, you might recognize main character Nix from her side character appearance in Beauty and the Bassist—she’s Allison’s fun-loving sister, who clearly needs to find her own perfect match.

But now, when Nix meets sexy fellow ballroom dancer Marcus, can she trust that he isn’t like all the douchebag guys she’s dated before? She’s pretty sure she has the perfect plan to find out . . .

For fans of romantic comedies that are spunky, sexy, and hilarious . . . get lost in The Extra Series. 


How are the books in the series related?

We currently have 13 books in the series (not counting a prequel novella and an alternate “what if this couple had met in a different way?” novel) Most of these books can be read as standalone, but they are connected in that a side character in one book often will later have a book of their own—and there are lots of cameos of previous characters, so it’s like checking in on old friends!

The books are also related in the entertainment industry aspect. They often take place on movie sets, pop band tours, YouTube conventions, beauty pageants, or various types of reality TV shows—lots of crazy, fun drama to be had from those!

What is the sub-genre and trope? 

We generally consider The Extra Series to be within the rom-com sub-genre. Some of the books deal with darker topics than others—mental health issues, addiction, etc—and we always try to treat those topics with the level of seriousness they deserve. But we also make sure that there’s plenty of fun and humor to be had—and, most importantly, all the ROMANCE.

Because we have so many books in the series, we feature a lot of the different romance tropes—second chance, friends-to-lovers, single parent, rock star, Hollywood, soul mates. A little something for everyone!

With many main and secondary characters, how do you keep them separated in your mind?  Do you have a story/vision board above your workspace?

Nope, no story/vision board. We do have tons of main and secondary characters between all our books, but we don’t really have a hard time keeping them separated in our minds—they are each so very distinct to us. I think a huge part of that is our method of pre-writing: we use Barbie dolls for each of the characters, and literally play out scenes, seeing what the characters reveal about themselves through that, seeing where they take the scenes and where the book goes from there.

Not to mention, we love gaming these books and characters so much, that we often play them in alternate storylines, just for fun. It really helps us get to know all these characters inside and out.

I know from previous interviews that characters take on a life of their own.  Were any of the characters in this series determined to take their own direction instead of where you initially wanted them to go?

Oh, absolutely. They do this to us so often. And we have generally found that when we listen to them and follow their lead, it makes for a better book. They know what’s up.

Series question - Who is your favorite couple and why did you decide on their dynamics?

This is a tough question—we love them all so much! But our favorite couple ultimately is probably Felix and Jenna, from Everything We Are (and their sequel books, The Jenna Rollins Real Love Tour and You are the Story). They have both just gone through so many difficult problems in their lives, and the way they relate to each other and help each other through is something I find beautiful. And I’m a big fan of soul mate romance, and that is definitely these two!

How do you get inside these characters’ heads to find their perfect HEA?

The gaming/role-playing them with Barbies is really how we do that. And once they are in our heads—and boy, it doesn’t take long—we know exactly what their perfect HEA is. Not just in who they end up with, because that’s pretty obvious, but the type of relationship they need with the other person by the end.

Series - Were any of the books harder to write than others?

Most of our books are standalones, but we do have a few sequels in the series—The Jenna Rollins Real Love Tour, My Faire Lady, and You are the Story—and I would say those were a bit harder to write than the others (particularly You are the Story, which is a sequel book for TWO of our couples) I think a lot of that is because these books aren’t about the initial meeting and the road to getting together in a lasting/committed way—those stories, even as different as they can all be told, tend to follow a typical romance book structure.

The sequels, however, are about the struggles of these couples that happens after the commitment that comes at the end (or is solidified at the end) of these books. What happens after you’re married or have been together for years, and you still have issues to work through (because that’s life), and just loving someone and being fully committed to them doesn’t make those issues just go away? I love seeing couples work through these things and become even stronger—to me, it makes their relationship even more beautiful. But from a writing standpoint, I feel like the structure of these types of books is more difficult to get right.

How long did it take you to write this book/series?

Each book in the series takes us generally between 6-8 weeks to write (that doesn’t count the editing passes and such, which we’re busy doing on the previous book while writing the current one). We also have two other series we write as well—the YA urban paranormal series, The Skilled, and the epic fantasy Five Lands Saga, under the pen name Cara Witter—so that takes up lots of our time as well. But I believe we started working together on the first book in this series, The Extra, about four years ago.

Series question – Did you know in advance that you were going to write this as a series or did one of the characters in book one demand their own story?

As soon as we started with The Extra, we knew that Anna-Marie and Felix needed their own stories—and, even though she was a very small part in that book, Su-Lin was going to have to get a book at some point, too. She just has such a dynamic, fun personality! From there, as we wrote those books, other characters in them started demanding their own books—Alec needed to be redeemed from being the villain in Everything We Are, and the same for Shane from The Girlfriend Stage. Hilarious, goofy YouTube rock climber Jason from Starving with the Stars needed to find his perfect person, and then his producer friend Nate wasn’t about to be left without his own love story . . . and on and on and on, which is why we’re putting out book 14 in the series and have many more that will be following.

Can you give us a hint as to what we can expect next?  Whether a new book and series or a sequel to an existing series?  Can you share a small tease?

Absolutely! Following Ready to Rumba, our next book will be about a fan-favorite character . . . Ty, the little kid with a big personality from Everything We Are (and its sequels), all grown up and ready for his own love story—with his childhood crush and now fellow counselor at a summer camp for the spoiled rich kids of celebrities.


Megan Walker


Megan Walker lives in Utah with her husband, two kids, and two dogs–all of whom are incredibly supportive of the time she spends writing about romance, crazy Hollywood hijinks, and magical mafias.

She loves making Barbie dioramas and reading trashy gossip magazines (and, okay, lots of other books and magazines, as well.)

With her co-author and bestie, Janci Patterson, she writes loads of books. So many books.

She does not get enough sleep.

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Janci Patterson


Janci Patterson writes contemporary and science fiction young adult novels. The first novel in her science fiction trilogy, A Thousand Faces, is now available for free on

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Blake & Kim
(Prequel to Ex on the Beach - Book 11)


“You must have noticed how desperately into you I am. I’m not that good an actor.”

Up and coming actor Blake Pless is nervous about his first starring role in the new rom-com Over It, not in the least because he’s acting opposite former child star Kim Watterson, accomplished actress and Blake’s childhood celebrity crush. It doesn’t help matters when, within ten minutes of meeting him, Kim announces that she’s never, ever going to sleep with him.


But as Blake and Kim get to know each other, friendship turns to attraction—and it’s not long before their whirlwind romance makes them the latest Hollywood It couple. A-list status comes with its own pressures, and Blake is afraid he’s not worthy of his fame or, more importantly, Kim.

Will their love be able to withstand the stresses of Hollywood and growing insecurities, or is Blake setting himself up for heartbreak?

When We Fell is a prequel romantic comedy novella. It features R-rated sexual content and swearing and contains no cheating. This is a prequel and not a stand-alone. Follow Kim and Blake's story in Ex on the Beach for their swoon-worthy happily ever after.

Check out my review!

Will & Gabby


How about you, Gabby Mays? What do you really want to do with your life?

Gabby Mays wishes she had her future figured out, like her gorgeous roommate Anna-Marie, who has just landed a role on the hit soap opera Passion Medical. Gabby would give anything to find a career she's half as passionate about as Anna-Marie is about acting—and a love life that isn't comprised of nights with a party-sized bag of Doritos and her Netflix account.

When Gabby becomes a recurring extra on Passion Medical, she finds a job she's surprisingly great at. Even better, her old crush and ex-boss—the sexy, sweet Will Bowen—is writing the scripts, allowing Gabby lots of quality flirting time at the craft services table.

But between feuding divas, fake Emmys, and Gabby's growing concern that Will might not see her as anything more than a friend, her life on set is quickly becoming a drama worthy of the soaps.

The Extra is a full-length, standalone romantic comedy with PG-13 rated content, no cliffhanger, and a swoon-worthy happily-ever-after.

Josh & Anne-Marie


Anna-Marie has never wanted to find love—but love's about to find her.

Anna-Marie Halsey loves her job as a regular on the soap opera Southern Heat almost as much as she loves living the LA lifestyle: clubbing and partying and casually dating gorgeous men—most recently powerhouse agent Josh Rios. When Anna-Marie starts feeling more-than-casual about Josh—her signature cue to break things off—she finds a much-needed excuse to get away: a family reunion in small-town Wyoming.

In Wyoming, Anna-Marie remembers why she's spent years avoiding her crazy family and claustrophobic hometown—and her ex-boyfriend, up-and-coming rock musician Shane Beckstrom, provides the perfect distraction. But when a Boy Scout troop films them nude in a hot spring, Anna-Marie finds Wyoming even more nerve-wracking than her paralyzing fear of commitment. To make matters worse, Josh Rios appears, and it’s clear that commitment is exactly what he's hoping for. Anna-Marie isn’t sure what she wants, but being trapped in Everett, Wyoming, with Josh, Shane, and her crazy family when her impromptu sex-tape hits the internet sure isn’t it.

THE GIRLFRIEND STAGE is a full-length, standalone romantic comedy. It features PG-13 rated sexual content, no cliff-hanger, and a swoon-worthy Happily Ever After.

Felix & Jenna


Felix never believed in soul mates . . . until he met her.

Felix Mays has only two goals in life—to play his cello and to stay off heroin. He’s only a few weeks out of rehab and accomplishing both—barely. Then Felix meets gorgeous Jenna Rollins, single mom and half of the rising pop-star duo Alec and Jenna, who’ve practically been voted LA’s cutest couple. Jenna offers Felix a job with the band, and it’s an opportunity he can’t refuse, even though his feelings for Jenna are quickly turning romantic.

Then Felix learns the truth—Alec and Jenna have been broken up for over a year, and maintain their couple-image just for the fans. Jenna is falling for Felix as fast he is for her, but she and Alec have agreed not to date anyone until the band has peaked—and that’s clearly years away.

Felix and Jenna are determined to make it work, despite the strain on their careers, their relationships with the band, and even Felix’s struggling sobriety. A situation this stressful is the last thing Felix needs—and the one thing he can’t bring himself to walk away from.

Everything We Are is a full-length, standalone romantic comedy with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a swoon-worthy happily ever after. It can be read independently of the first books, though the characters from books one and two appear as side characters. There is some R-rated sexual content, swearing, and references to partying and drug use.

Felix & Jenna
(a reimaged version of Everything We Are - Book 4)


What would have happened if Felix and Jenna met in high school?

Felix and Jenna have the perfect love story in Everything We Are, but what would happen if they’d met in high school, when their lives are worlds apart? In this reimagining, read about what would have happened if Jenna had attended Felix’s high school in Los Angeles, and they met before rock bands or heroin addictions entered the picture.

High school students Felix and Jenna are opposites in every way. Felix is a Juilliard-bound straight-A student, while Jenna’s a teen mom who’s out partying and sleeping with a different guy every weekend. But when they’re partnered together on a parenting assignment in sex-ed, their worlds collide, and their lives will never be the same.

Everything We Might Have Been is a full-length, standalone romance with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a swoon-worthy happily ever after. It is a reimagining of the love story between Felix and Jenna from Everything We Are, and can be read independently of any of the books in the series. This book features R-rated sexual content, swearing, and references to partying and drug use.

Felix & Jenna
(sequel to Everything We Are -Book 4)


Felix and Jenna can’t wait to start their future—but first they have to contend with their past.

Newlyweds Jenna and Felix are thrilled to be touring as a married couple, even though it means learning how to be a brand-new family while on the road. They're far less thrilled about the threatening letters Jenna's been receiving from her violent ex-boyfriend, Grant—and Jenna fears her past will come back to haunt her, just when everything is going so well.

The band increases security and hopes for the best, even as the pressure of the threats, the tour, and Felix's still-fledgling sobriety become overwhelming. But when disaster strikes, Felix and Jenna are each forced to confront their own demons—things they thought they'd left forever in the past. They must learn to rely on each other in their frightening new circumstances—or risk losing everything they love most.

The Jenna Rollins Real Love Tour is a sequel novella to Everything We Are. It’s a continuation of Felix and Jenna’s love story with no cliffhanger, no cheating, no breakups, and continues their happily ever after. We recommend you read Everything We Are first, though these two can be read separately from other books in the series. This book contains PG-13 rated sexual content, swearing, and references to sexual assault, partying and drug use.

Alec & Jillian


“Oh my god, please tell me that was not your plan.”

After being pushed off the stage at the VMAs last year, Alec Andreas’s life hasn’t gotten much better. Music fans everywhere hate him for his poor treatment of ex-girlfriend and former bandmate, Jenna Rollins.

Afraid of falling into obscurity, Alec reluctantly takes a spot on the new reality show Starving with the Stars, where failing celebrities are stranded on a desert island to compete in challenges and outlast one another—and hopefully revive their flagging careers. Alec is certain that only one thing will make him likeable in the public eye; he needs to cuddle up to one of the cute girls on the island and remind all of America what a great boyfriend he can be.

When he meets Jillian Fall—an aspiring Broadway actress who’s become a cabaret-singing internet meme—he finds much more than the arm candy he was hoping for. And what can be the harm in reviving his career and getting the girl?

Alec’s falling deeper than he thought possible, but as the contestants vie for the coveted final spots in their island adventure, his schemes are brought to light. Alec’s lost everything, but losing her hurts the worst.

With the cameras always watching, can Alec convince Jillian he cares about her more than changing his image as pop music’s most notorious liar?

Starving with the Stars is a full-length, standalone romantic comedy with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a swoon-worthy happily ever after. This book features R-rated sexual content and swearing.

Will & Gabby
(sequel to The Extra - Book 1)


Gabby wasn’t sure what she expected when she became a nurse at Renaissance faire, but Ye Olde Plague of Crabs wasn’t it.

Gabby Mays couldn’t be happier with her boyfriend Will and her new career as a nurse, but that doesn’t mean life is perfect. In the three years Gabby and Will have been together, they’ve weathered their share of rent increases and novel rejections. Their financial situation is getting increasingly desperate—and their sex life increasingly sporadic.

When Gabby takes a side job at a Renaissance faire as the on-site nurse, she thinks this will bring in a little extra money to take the pressure off Will, who is in the middle of yet another novel he’s afraid will fail. But the more Gabby tries to fix things, the more things between her and Will seem to deteriorate, and Gabby can’t help but feel that the problem may be, well, her.

Gabby can handle too-tight corsets, stuck-up knights, and even the seemingly-spontaneous faire pubic lice outbreak. But if she loses Will, this may be the end of her fairy tale.

My Faire Lady is a full-length direct sequel to The Extra, and has PG-13 rated language and sexual content, no cliffhanger, no cheating, no breakups, and a swoon-worthy happily ever after. While it’s not necessary to have read all the previous books in the series, we do recommend that you read The Extra first.

Felix & Jenna
(sequel to The Girlfriend Stage and Everything We Are)


I don’t want to believe that a marriage like theirs can’t be saved. I don’t want to think about what that might mean for my own.

When Felix Mays starts teaching cello to a young child actor, he thinks he’s taking on an easy side job while Jenna recovers from having their new baby. What he gets instead is Axel Dane—a spoiled, ten-year-old prima donna who won’t lift a finger without a massive dressing room and a steady supply of organic quinoa. When Felix calls in Hollywood agent Josh Rios to help him wrangle Axel, he hopes he’ll be able to get a handle on his increasingly hectic life.

But just as Josh and Felix form an improbable friendship, things go from hectic to out of control.

Despite how excited she was to be mom to a newborn again, Jenna’s struggling emotionally and Felix is at a loss to help her. Meanwhile, Josh and Anna-Marie are dealing with infertility treatments and have marital issues of their own—and that’s before a baby rattlesnake gets loose in their house.

Felix and Josh may be unlikely friends, but as they navigate new babies, entitled child stars, missing rattlesnakes, and mental breakdowns, they have one thing in common:

They’re going to do whatever it takes to save their marriages and earn their ultimate happily ever after.

You are the Story is a full-length direct sequel to The Girlfriend Stage and Everything We Are. We recommend you read those two first, as You are the Story continues the stories of Felix and Jenna, as well as Anna-Marie and Josh. You are the Story contains R-rated sexual content, swearing, and references to partying and drug use. It has no cliffhanger, no breakups, and a happily ever after for both couples.

Kevin & Maya


I want him. But he’s a rock star, and any kind of real relationship would be too risky, too bound to end in heartache.

When Maya Parker’s friends drag her to an Accidental Erotica concert, she’s surprised to receive a backstage pass from famous punk rock star Kevin Collins. While her friends are eager to attend the after-party and hook up with the band members, Maya can’t help but feel skeptical. Kevin is cute and all, but Maya isn’t about to join the harem of Accidental Erotica groupies.

At the party, Maya and Kevin hit it off and end up sitting and talking late into the night about everything from rock star life to their favorite horror movies. Kevin is much more down to earth than Maya thought, but the more she starts to like him, the more worried she is that dating a rock star would only end in heartbreak. Ever practical, Maya heads home thinking she'll never hear from him again.

When Kevin calls her from the airport the next day, Maya falls into a long-distance friendship she never expected. She’s rapidly falling for Kevin, but with them living states apart, could it ever work? Maya’s not ready to make the leap into dating a guy who’s constantly on tour and surrounded by groupies—

But she’s also not sure she can bring herself to let him go.

How Not to Date a Rock Star is a standalone romantic comedy novella with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a swoon-worthy happily ever after. It can be read independently of the first books, though a character from book two appears as a side character. There is some R-rated sexual content and language.

Shane & Allison


I've never had something this amazing before, and I'm terrified that I'm going to screw it up.

Shane Beckstrom’s punk band has been topping the charts, and he and his bandmates are sure they have it made—until a freak accident ends their success, killing their lead singer and rendering their lead guitarist too injured to play. Shane is the lone original bandmember to emerge unscathed—except for his severe concussion and the ghost of his best friend JT following him around, both of which make him doubt his sanity and his ability to ever play again.

When Shane’s agent convinces him to take over for JT as the emcee of the Miss California Poppy beauty pageant, he meets Allison Mendez, the pageant coordinator who has no patience for arrogant rock stars—especially when she’s already dealing with catfighting beauty contestants with a penchant for overly-revealing swimwear.

Despite Shane and Allison’s bickering, the chemistry between them is undeniable. Allison needs to loosen up as much as Shane needs to get his act together—but will Shane’s rapidly declining mental state get in the way of their happily ever after?

Beauty and the Bassist is a full-length, standalone romantic comedy. It features R-rated sexual content and swearing, no cliff hanger, no cheating, and a swoon-worthy happily ever after.

Brendan & Su-Lin


I probably shouldn’t spend so much time thinking about my best friend naked, even if he is my date.

Reality show star and YouTube sock-puppeteer Su-Lin Liu is madly in love with her best friend and business partner, fellow YouTuber Brendan Pike. From his pink hair to his genius at writing dirty sock jokes, Brendan is perfect for her in every way—except that he’s still reeling from a nasty divorce and doesn’t know if he’ll ever be ready for a serious relationship again.

Su-Lin isn’t about to give up, so she concocts a multi-step plan to get him past his anxiety and her past the friend-zone. At a YouTube convention, she and Brendan take turns setting each other up on dates with other people, all while “casually” dating each other. Su-Lin is willing to deal with anything—her jealousy, his panic attacks, their awkward games of Twister, and even the busty ventriloquist with her eye on Brendan—if it means her plan succeeds. But when one drunken night goes a little too far, Su-Lin knows she can’t keep pretending to be casual when her feelings are anything but.

Su-Lin has always had faith in her crazy plans, but she fears this one may only end in a broken heart.

Su-Lin’s Super Awesome Casual Dating Plan is a full-length, standalone romantic comedy. It features R-rated sexual content and swearing, no cliff hanger, no cheating, and a swoon-worthy happily ever after.

Blake & Kim


I’m going to be starring in a movie with my ex-husband—a man who I am still desperately in love with.

A-list movie star and animal activist Kim Watterson has it all: a spectacular career, two amazing kids, and a growing animal sanctuary she manages in her spare time. Still, she’s better known for being half of Watterpless, a Hollywood super-couple who put Brangelina and Bennifer to shame—and whose divorce generated just as much gossip.

And that’s before the studio for the latest comic book adaptation she’s headlining announces a cross-over film featuring her character—where she’ll be playing the romantic lead opposite her ex-husband, Blake Pless.

Kim’s determined to do the film, even though she’s still in love with Blake, because the alternative is to let the studio replace her with a younger model. She’s sure she can keep her heart and her dignity intact—

But no plan survives contact with the enemy, especially when you’re filming with your ex on the beach.

Ex on the Beach is a full-length, standalone romantic comedy. It features R-rated sexual content and swearing, no cliff hanger, no cheating, and a swoon-worthy happily ever after.

Jason & Emily


Does he really want to be my boyfriend if he never even thinks about a future where he’s anything more?

Social media maven Emily Pietrowski loves working alongside her boyfriend, celebrity rock climber Jason Winslow. But she’s less enthused about Jason’s new gig as the host of the reality show, The Real Not-Wives of Red Rock Canyon, where they’ll be camping with affluent divorcees who are trying to find self-actualization through rock climbing. It’s only her love for Jason that could motivate her to spend a week on a set filled with purse dogs, bejeweled climbing harnesses, and organic, sugar-free s’mores.

Jason and Emily have been going strong for the last two years, but lately Emily is starting to feel like their relationship is stuck in a rut. She’s ready to take the next step, but every time she brings up their future, it seems like Jason is, well . . . not.

When Emily is recorded confronting Jason about her concerns, they unwittingly become part of the on-screen drama. Emily will do anything to save her relationship, even if it means agreeing to on-camera therapy sessions with dubiously licensed Monroe Coco, the biggest diva of them all.

This crazy week could make or break them—but is it already too late?

The Real Not-Wives of Red Rock Canyon is a full-length, standalone romantic comedy. It features R-rated sexual content and swearing, no cliff hanger, no cheating, and a swoon-worthy happily ever after.

Nate & Becca


I just need to figure out how to do my job without letting anyone see that it's breaking my heart.

When Nate Coleman lands a job as a producer on the hit reality dating show Chasing Prince Charming, he’s excited for the new opportunity. His first task is to interview Becca Hale, a gorgeous single mom who’s looking for her second chance at love following the death of her war hero husband. Nate’s job is to make Becca comfortable so that she’ll spill her juiciest secrets on camera—but as they get to know each other, he finds himself more and more drawn to her.

Nate wishes he could be the one taking her on elaborate dates or just chilling with her back at the hotel, not the guy convincing her to swoon for the cameras about another man. As he and Becca grow closer, she begins to confide in him, revealing things about her past she’s desperate to keep private, and Nate is increasingly unsure where his loyalties lie—with his employer or with this woman whose hold on his heart grows stronger every day.

Becca’s looking for her happily ever after, and Nate wants to be the one to give it to her—

But can the man being paid to manipulate her win Becca’s heart without losing her trust?

Chasing Prince Charming is a full-length, standalone romantic comedy. It features R-rated sexual content and swearing, no cliff hanger, no cheating, and a swoon-worthy happily ever after.

Check out my review!

Marcus & Nix


Strictly Ballroom meets How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days in this steamy romantic comedy.

Nicole “Nix” Mendez is done with men. Every guy she dates turns out to be some flavor of douchebag— she’s been dumped for everything from overtexting to her unabashed love of eighties movies, and she’s tired of getting her heart trampled. She’s determined to focus on her fledgling ballroom dance studio and her upcoming European dance tour free from romantic distractions.

On the very first day of the tour, Nix gets stuck in an elevator with the hottest guy in ballroom dance. Marcus Corbin has always seemed broody and aloof, but when they’re alone, he’s sweet, funny, and sexy enough to tempt Nix to abandon her vow of celibacy. Nix isn’t looking for a relationship with Marcus—but he could be the perfect guy to scratch that itch without the stress of commitment and eventual heartbreak.

As Nix grows closer to Marcus, she finds herself wanting more than just a booty call, and it seems that he does too. She can’t bring herself to just walk away, but she’s been broken up with too many times to put her trust in another relationship. So she concocts a plan: she’ll subject Marcus to every stupid habit and quirk that’s gotten her dumped in the past. This way she’ll be sure to get rid of him before she gets too attached, saving them both a lot of trouble in the long run.

With a plan this foolproof, what could go wrong?

Ready to Rumba is a full-length, standalone romantic comedy. It features R-rated sexual content and swearing, no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a swoon-worthy happily ever after.


I have no desire to be a notch on Ivy's bedpost. I already know that would destroy me.

Eighteen-year-old Ty Mays is looking forward to his summer job as a counselor at a ritzy camp for the children of Hollywood’s elite. Sure, he’ll have to escort entitled children to glass blowing classes and spa treatments, but he’ll also get to hang out with his best friend, fellow counselor Axel Dane. Things have been strained between them ever since Axel started sleeping with Ivy Pless, the unrequited love of Ty’s life. Ty has avoided Ivy and Axel ever since, and he’s hoping to rebuild his friendship in Ivy’s absence.

Then Ty discovers that Ivy will also be working at the camp, and Axel has known all along. Ty is sure it’s going to be a long and painful summer—until Ivy lets on that she’s more interested in him than she ever was in Axel.

This seems like a dream come true, but with Axel jealously watching their every move, the timing couldn’t be worse. What’s more, Ty has committed to not having sex until he’s married, and at seventeen, Ivy’s not prepared to be celibate for years, but she’s far from ready to walk down the aisle.

Is this summer Ty and Ivy’s chance at happily ever after—or would they be better off saving each other for later?

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Each book in this box set is a complete story with no cliffhanger, and a swoon-worthy happily ever after. There is some R-rated sexual content, swearing, and references to partying and drug use.

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