Thursday, December 30, 2021


William is sitting in the lounge at the Marrakech airport enraged.  For one second he felt carefree, like his old self.  Before he had been kidnapped and forced to commit murder for the entertainment of second was all his enemies needed to take Vivianne.

Vivianne doesn't know how many videos she had been shown.  William is a gorgeous vision even if it's in brutality as he kills one man after another in battles to the death at the Colosseum.  The Colosseum where he received all his scars, both internal and external.

She is being held in a room full of videos walls which are playing William's fights to the death continually in a loop.  They think the videos will disgust her, make her despise him, but she understands he had to lock his emotions away in order to survive the evil he was forced into.  The videos only make her love him more because they show her that these evil men didn't break him.

What a wonderful conclusion to William & Vivianne's story.  It is very well written and the characters are full of depth and very relatable.  Colet Abedi words brought William and Vivianne's past to life to show the true horrors they both survived.

William's strong personality comes through the pages and Vivianne may be leagues behind in experience but she shows William that there is a reward to their past scars if he will only reach out and take it.

This book is action packed from cover to cover!  It is full of fear, danger, evil men and smoking hot chemistry.  Highly recommend this series and Colet Abedi!

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