Thursday, December 2, 2021


Amara ran away from home at the age of sixteen heartbroken and was only back in Napa Valley because her brother found her in New York and said he needed her help in order to save the family winery.

When she sat down with her brother Jack and found out that she had inherited half of the winery when their parents had died three years before she was enraged.  She had been living on the street at times and to find out that she had access to funds that her brother kept secret from her sent her over the edge and she did what she usually did.  She ran.

She ran through the grape vines and finding that the neighboring vineyard was no longer run down, but a prosperous business - which is probably why they were having financial problems, she decides to explore.  When she finds the wine room open and a bottle of wine sitting on the table you decides to take a taste.  And that's how King found her.

King.  The reason she had ran away to begin with when she found out that he was just playing games with her and had been engaged to a woman in England the whole time they were seeing each other.  And he was no longer the eighteen year old she left behind, but was a massive muscular man of pure perfection.

This has to be my favorite of all the books I've read by Rogue London.  It is action packed from beginning to end and the chemistry between Amara and King sizzles off the pages.  I so want this book in audio just to hear King's English accent.

We get visits from Alex and Antonia & Johnathan and Simone (Daddy's Stowaway) along with Dorian and Ocean (Daddy's Castaway) and I love the friendships between these men and the bond that the women find with them all being in Daddy Dom relationships.

I highly recommend this book and series!  The characters are amazing and will have you laughing and fanning yourself at the same time.  Danger comes to Amara from an unexpected source and the resolution is not what you expect.

As with all of Rogue's books this one is smoking hot and full of spanking.  I highly recommend this book and series.  This is a standalone book, but I would definitely recommend starting from the beginning of the series so you get to know King's friends and their relationships.

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