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Isabella is having a girl's night with her sister and is annoyed with the persistent guy who is trying to dance with her.  As she turns her back on him to dance near her sister he puts his hand on her elbow.  When she swings around to give him a piece of her mind she stands in shock.  The man telling her that he's sorry that he is late is the most gorgeous man she's ever seen.  And he turns to tells the rude man to get lost because she was taken.

After dancing several steamy dances with him she returns to her sister and decides to go to the ladies room to escape her interrogation.  Only he's right behind her and whispers in her ear that the answer to her sister's question is 'yes, he would'...and when he asks if she wants to get out of there she decides to take him up on his offer.

Isabella only has one more month of training before taken her finals to be a Radiology Tech.  After the best night of her life imagine her horror when her nameless one night stand turns out to be the arrogant insufferable tyrant of a surgeon she just assisted in surgery.

Sebastian is a reconstructive hand surgeon and knows he has a reputation in the hospital, but he can't stand incompetence in surgery.  When the woman he just raged at removes her surgical mask and cap he is appalled at what he has done when he realizes who he had just unloaded his temper.

The Bitter Rival is a spin-off of the Deprivation Trilogy and though can be read as a stand-alone book I would suggest reading the trilogy first as the characters play major parts in Isabella and Sebastian's story.

I can't even explain how much I loved this story.  These characters are fully developed and the growth of Sebastian's character from the Deprivation Trilogy to the end of this book is amazing.  I didn't just cry for Sebastian, I felt like a hand was crushing my heart.

Isabella was finally reaching her goals after putting her ex-husband through medical school and wasn't going to let any man distract her...especially a known playboy like Sebastian.  Having a womanizing father and a money hungry mother, Sebastian wanted nothing to do with any relationship.  In his 38 years he has never slept with the same woman twice and never given his name or profession to anyone and definitely not taken them to his home.  

This book is action packed from start to finish.  The misinterpretations from both Isabella and Sebastian from will keep you laughing and their sexual chemistry is will have you fanning yourself.  But, this book will put you through the grinder emotionally.  As emotional as the Deprivation Trilogy was LM Fox has exceeded all my expectations.  I love Nate, but oh my, Sebastian is definitely my favorite.

I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars!  Highly recommend this book and LM Fox has a forever fan!

THE BITTER RIVAL is a standalone spinoff from the DEPRIVATION TRILOGY

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MOONSHOT is an interconnected prequel to the DEPRIVATION TRILOGY
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