Monday, December 27, 2021

REVIEW - HIS GYMNAST by Darcy Rose & BL Mute

Aria was a gymnastics teacher.  She was on her way home after another busy day to the home where she lives with mom and step-dad.  It may be a two story house in a nice neighborhood with three bedrooms and two baths, but she is forced to live in the basement with a hard cot and a bucket for a toilet.

She had been happy when her mother had remarried when Aria was a teenager, but that all changed when an injury took away her chances of being a professional gymnast.  She now worked three jobs, but she doesn't see a cent of this as her stepfather gets it all.

And now she gets home to find out that she is no longer allowed to eat at home.  How is she supposed to eat before arriving home when they take every penny that she earns.  When he grabs her hair and throws her down the stairs Aria wishes she could find someone for protection.  The opportunity come to her the next night when three of the Hale brothers are seated in her area of the Italian restaurant where she works.

Another great book in this series about the Hale brothers.  This book is action packed, full of danger and high in sexual chemistry.  Highly recommend!

HIS GYMNAST is book three of the DANCE FOR ME Series

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