Thursday, December 9, 2021


Grant is so excited to see that he has received a text from Declan.  Declan had been traded to the New York Comets and they had made plans to spend the off season together in Miami.  But Declan is breaking up with him saying everything had been a mistake.  Breaking up with text!  

Grant had met his idol when he arrived in Arizona as a rookie fighting for the position against their veteran catcher for the San Francisco Cougars.  He had vowed to himself that he would not be distracted by anything and focus solely on baseball, but then he met Declan the shortstop he had a crush on.

Declan is suited up and running onto the field for his first day playing with the New York Comets when he fills chills down his back and he knows before he turns around what he'll see.  His dad.  His alcoholic dad is in the stands giving his teammates hitting tips.  But when he opens his mouth and starts spouting about Declan missing his boyfriend he knows he has to get his dad out of the stadium.  

Although both Declan and Grant are openly gay, making their relationship public would ruin Grant's rookie year.  Although Major League Baseball supports the LGBTQ community, having a relationship with a teammate is a definite no-no.  The only way to protect Grant is to break up with him.

Declan is heartbroken about what he's done to Grant and asks to meet so he can explain and see if Grant will give him a second chance.   But, Grant just won rookie of the year and said that he loses focus when he's near Declan wanting to give his all.  He can't do both and choses baseball.  He doesn't want to be known for his love life, but for the game and being an advocate for underprivileged young athletes and LGBTQ athletes.

This is a MM romance that will touch your heart.  Declan is a veteran baseball player and his growth through this book as he handles his issues with an alcoholic father is inspiring.  Grant is determined to that he be remembered for his game and advocacy for young kids and not his love life and he grows right before our eyes from a excited rookie to a strong man who plays the game hard and his charity work.

I highly recommend this series.  Lauren Blakely brings life to these characters and make you come back for more!  Declan, Grant and the many secondary characters are very well developed so relatable.  You feel like you are in the stands cheering them on.

Start the series now!

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