Sunday, December 5, 2021


Dorian was watching small boats bringing guests to shore from the huge yacht when he noticed someone jumped overboard and started swimming away like they wanted to be unnoticed. 

His friend had contacted him regarding smuggling issues on the island where he owed a resort so he watched the swimmer and silently traveled the vegetation at the edge of beach to intercept the swimmer he suspected to be a thief. 

Dorian was the owner of Monde Magazine and the sole owner of the island and only resident with several resorts that leased land from him.  He was only interested in keeping the island as pristine as he found it.  He photographed and wrote articles about unspoiled islands throught the world making his magazine in the top five travel magazines in the world.

It is then that he noticed the swimmer becoming fatigued and was coming in towards a dangerous coral reef so he steps out of the jungle to shout a warning.  When he finally reached the swimmer he dove and grabbed the nearest thing which happened to be long hair.  The swimmer was female.

Ocean wondered about the gorgeous man who fished her out of the ocean and how he was able to afford a home with a 360 view on an exclusive island.  She had hopped on board the yacht to escape a man who didn't know the word NO and was shocked when it set out to sea.  Hiding out for seven days during their party was tiring,  but she was able to keep hidden sneaking out for food and water.  A man who she quickly realized would be nothing but a one-night stand started stalking her terrifying her into escaping Miami. 

I loved this book!  In pure Rogue London style the book is action-packed, full of danger and smoking hot chemistry.  Ocean left Miami and arrived on one of the Virgin Islands thankful she had escaped a danger man only to find out the threat against her life was far from over.

Dorian can't believe the beauty he literally fished out of the ocean.  She may be submissive and in need of a Daady to take care of her, but she was very resourceful when she needed to be.

Once I sat down to read Dorian and Ocean's story I couldn't put the book down.  We get to spend more time with Johnathan and Simone who we met in Daddy's Stowaway and the danger establishes a further bond in Johnathan and Dorian's friendship. 

If you haven't read Rogue London before, her books are action-packed, full of suspense and danger and smoking hot chemistry with lots of spanking.  Highly recommend this series and all of Rogue London's books!

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