Sunday, December 19, 2021

REVIEW - IT'S COMPLICATED by Kindle Alexander

Julian is the manager of the exclusive gay club Reservations in Coronado.  The owner, Thane, one of Julian's former clients, wanted to have a safe meeting place for gay men after Julian's attack.

The club members had dubbed the 6'4" gorgeous man of solid muscle as the Marlboro Man.  Beckett was in town discuss a military contract for his survivalist training school in Northern California.  He was hired by security firms, law enforcement and the military for an extensive week-long survival training course in the mountains.

As soon as Beckett entered the elegant club he understood the extensive background check he had to get through to be a member and as soon as he set eyes on Julian he knew he would be making more trips to Coronado instead of having the trainees report directly to his camp.

I really loved Julian and Beckett's story.  This MM romance is book two of the A Reservations Story series and is very well written.  These characters are fully developed and very relatable.  The interactions between Julian and Thane will have you laughing.  Julian is so over Thane's overprotectiveness and does everything he can to annoy Thane.

Julian and Beckett couldn't be any different.  Julian is outgoing and dresses to impress.  Beckett is quiet and feels more himself in a pair of jeans and t-shirt than the required dress code of the club.

Julian just wanted to have the life that was stolen from him and Beckett is the first man in over two years to make him feel more like his old self.  But, Julian is in denial and almost loses what is most important.

This book kept my attention from page one.  Julian is a very complex character who is trying to overcome an assault that almost killed him and return to the life that formerly excited him.  Beckett had a hard time within his own mind coming out, but he knew the second he saw Julian that he was 'the one'.  

This is my first time reading Kindle Alexander, but Kindle really brought these characters to life and I will definitely be looking forward to read more written by this author!

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