Monday, December 27, 2021

REVIEW - CAUGHT by Emma Louise

Darcey was scared that she would be too late.  She was binding the infant as snug as she could to secure her to her body so she could make her escape before her husband arrived for visiting hours.  Although she was in pain and could feel the c-section stitches pulling she knew she didn't have any time and pushed the pain aside.

He will put on an act pretending to be a doting new father and picture perfect husband, but her swollen eyes tell another story if anyone takes the time to look.  Taking the staircase she merges with the surprisingly busy lobby and makes it outside to freedom.  

But is frozen in fear when she sees her husband exiting a car a few feet in front of her.  While she is standing in shock knowing he is going to look up at any second and see her she feels an urgent hand at her elbow as she is told  to keep her head down and move...

Darcey takes one last look at the photo before leaving her car to head into the bar.  The doorman looks her up and down at the dress that she is poured into and tells her he doesn't think this is her kind of place.  She takes in his leather vest covered in badges.  Then she sees the Sinners Souls MC badge and can't believe that her boss sent her to MC hangout!

She would have laughed if anyone had told her she would be working as a honey-trapper.  She almost walked out of the interview after reading a cryptic ad, but she had been desperate.   All she had to do was get a guy to look like he was going to cheat on his spouse. 

After failing miserably, again, to get the job done she is fired.  And then her best friend says there's an opening for a receptionist at the security firm where her husband works.  She has just finished signing her employment contract only to hear a man shouting at her to pack her crap and get out.  She looks up to see that her last honey-trap mark is her new boss.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and the storyline is hilarious.  The characters are fully developed and totally relatable.  This book is action packed and full of danger.  Just when you feel like you have a handle the story takes an unexpected twist.  

The sexual chemistry between Darcey and Max is explosive from the beginning and despite Max's intense hate for Darcey when her life is in danger he is determined to protect her.

I highly recommend this book!  It is the first time reading this author, but definitely won't be the last.  I could not put this book down once I started reading!

This book is available in Kindle Unlimited!

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