Thursday, December 30, 2021

REVIEW - PENANCE by Sassa Daniels

Meredith would have laughed in your face six months ago if you told her that she would fill fulfilled kneeling at Timofey Lenkov's feet like a good little kitten and enjoy pet play.

Timofey is second in command of the notorious Lenkov Brotherhood and although he's a dangerous mobster he has been nothing but sweet and caring towards her.  He had just inserted a anal plug with a cat's tail letting her know that he will not be put off any longer from claiming every part of her when his older brother Daniil storms into the room accusing her of being a spy.

Timofey is enraged and shoves her at Daniil saying he can deal with her treachery as he slams out of the room.  He doesn't give Meredith to chance to explain that she may work for MI6, but she would never betray him.

This is book two in the Lenkov Dynasty Series and it just as captivating as Daniil's story!  This book is action packed and full of danger and suspense.  It is also very erotic!  Timofey may be a man to be feared in the Russian mafia, but even as he makes Meredith pay for her betrayal he knows that she does not fear him.

I loved this book!  The storyline grabbed my attention from page one and I was unable to put the book down once I began.  I love Timofey!  You can fill his hurt and anger through the pages and even when he thought Meredith dead he craved her.  I love how Meredith gives him a run for his money when she shows her real personality and not the meek woman she played undercover.

This book is very well written and the characters are fully developed and totally relatable.  The chemistry between these two is smoldering and only gets hotter as you turn the pages.  Sassa Daniels continues to bring highly erotic stories with a hint of danger.  Highly recommend!!!

PENANCE is book two of the LENKOV DYNASTY Series

Start reading PENANCE today!
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Start the LENKOV DYNASTY Series today!
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