Sunday, December 26, 2021


Mia is on her way to the flower shop that she inherited from her grandmother.  As she is walking she reflects back on her morning with her boyfriend Ben.  They have been dating for seven years and even though she knows he has no interest in getting married she stays because she loves him, but something is different lately.  He is distant and working at the law firm into the night lately.

Her best friend Mia has never liked him and keeps telling her that she deserves better.  But, she decides to put that all behind her as she opens her shop for the day.  She loves being surrounded by the flowers and memories of her grandmother.  

The first thing she notices when the man enters her shop is his piercing teal blue eyes that were hard to look away from.  A piercing in his eyebrow, tattoos lining both arms and a muscular body not hiding behind his tight t-shirt.  

Cole is the lead singer of the group Tribute with his best friends Grayson and Finn and needs to get flowers for his mother's birthday.  The first thing he notices when he walks into the flower shop is the contrast between the woman's deep blue eyes and black hair, but when she smiled at him he is mesmerized.

Trying to find ways to see her again, he returns the next day to get flowers for the band's assistant and he jumps on the opportunity when he finds out his sister is looking for a florist for her upcoming wedding.

I love this book!  It is very well written and characters are fully developed and relatable.  Until Mia met Cole she had been willing to settle, but Cole made her feel things she didn't know were possible.

I love Cole and Mia's story and their steamy hot chemistry.  I love the friendships and support that both Cole and Mia have with their friends.  I absolutely loved Sally!

This book is action-packed and full of romance with a bit of danger thrown in.  I highly recommend this book!

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