Monday, December 27, 2021

REVIEW - HIS BALLERINA by Darcy Rose & JL Beck

Madison is in the gym after hours disgusted at the mess people leave behind.  You would think those so concerned about their appearance would take more care of their surroundings.   The gym is in a bad part of town, although nicer than the area she lives in, and the owner can't pay her much, but cleaning up and making the gym ready for the next day is a fair trade for what she wants.  After hours access to the space in the back of the gym used for she can dance.

She knows it's stupid that's she leaving so late as she cuts through the back alleys to get home.  Usually the few people she sees are homeless just looking for a place to sleep.  Tonight as she's looking down and shoulders hunched she turns a corner to see two men.  One on his knees looking like he's begging.  And as she is frozen in horror she watches as the second man puts a gun to his head and pulls the trigger.

Archer can't believe how stupid he was not being aware of his surroundings and now he has a witness.  It didn't matter that the man had it coming double-crossing his family.  Everyone thought that they could pull one over on him and his brothers since the death of their father, but they would find out that the Hales still ruled the underground.

I loved this book!  From beginning to end I couldn't put this novella down.  It is action-packed and full of danger and smoking hot chemistry.  Highly recommend!

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