Wednesday, December 8, 2021

REVIEW - COURTED by Robecca Austin

Heath is sitting by the hospital bed waiting for his brother Shea to wake up from the induced coma he was put into after a hit and run accident.  The police had no idea who was responsible, but when Heath had gone by Shea's recording studio and saw it ransacked and stripped of everything of value he knew who was responsible.

Christopher Slone.  He was his sister Latricia's manager and after signing a recording contract he tried to get more money from Shea and wasn't happy when he was refused.  Heath vowed to find Christopher and make him pay because no one brings harm to his brothers.

He just needed both of his brothers back home where they were safe.  Tet was giving him major issues about returning as he was still determined to get back into baseball after his injury, but he wasn't giving him a chance to say no any longer.  Shea was going to need both of them while he rehabbed over the next months from his injuries.

Latricia was just ending her act singing for a girl's party when she felt eyes on her.  When he informs her that he is not there with a wife or daughter but to see her because of her brother she becomes fearful for her grandparents.  Her brother had disappeared weeks ago making her the target of his many debt collectors and couldn't believe he tried to kill Shea who had been nice to her.

Then Heath gives her an ultimatum to either come home with him to attend his many social functions until her brother was located or he will be contacting her grandparents and getting his vengeance through them.

I loved this book!  It is very well written and all of the characters are very well developed and relatable.  Heath is closed off and protective of his brothers who he has practically raised since the desertion of their mom and uninterest of their father.  Latricia has her own abandonment issues, but will do anything to protect her grandparents who raised her.

Heath and Latricia's chemistry is smoking hot from the second they lay eyes on each other.  Terrance is hilarious and is determined to do anything he can to bring Latricia to Heath's notice.

This is my first time reading Robecca Austin, but it won't be the last.  Looking forward to Shea and Tet's stories!  Highly recommend!

Available in Kindle Unlimited!

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