Tuesday, December 28, 2021


There is a boot heel on his throat and instead of being concerned that it wouldn't take much pressure for it to kill him he was having erotic images of the woman of said heel flashing through his mind.  Then she demanded he tell her why he was stalking her.

Although Peyton held a position at The Chicago Chronicles, he was mostly a freelance photographer and since his boss knew he was in the area asked if he could get a shot of a pop star nearby.  But, he hit the money shot when he found her fiance kissing another woman.  While making sure that it was the shot he needed before sending it to the editor he noticed one of the bystanders.

The woman was more than just beautiful and he knew he just needed to photograph her.  So it all began because Peyton just wanted her picture....

I loved this book, but beware if you have stalker triggers.  I loved the storyline of this book.  Peyton starts out innocently observing and photographing Inessa as she came and went from work.  When she finally confronted him for stalking her and he explained, she agreed to be photographed.  And her agreeing to be photographed led him to seeing how much further he could push her.

This book is highly erotic and steamy hot from the first paragraph as you read Payton's thoughts as he is trapped underneath Inessa's heel and it only gets steamier as you turn the pages.  Highly recommend!

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