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Olivia's mom had died three years ago and she buried herself in work as one of the most sought after fashion models.  She hasn't been back home since her mother's death due to a rigorous travel schedule.  But when she was contacted by a realtor about her house she decided it was time to go home.  She decided to meet with the realtor even though she wasn't sure that she wanted to sell her family home.

She had never met her father who left just after her birth.  The only thing she knows is that he's a famous photographer, but this house was filled with loving memories of her mom.

Parker was a pro golfer and Marco Island's hottest bachelor.  He is surprised when he gets home after tour to see a car next door.  When he moved in the realtor told him the previous owner had passed away and he wasn't aware that it had come on the market for sell.  When the woman walks out her door he is struck speechless with how beautiful she was and hoped she didn't notice him just sitting in his truck staring.

I really enjoyed this book.  All of the characters are fully developed and very relatable.  Olivia and Parker have an immediate chemistry and find out they have friends in common which gives them both an opportunity to see each other.

Olivia may be a beautiful model, but she is very down to earth and have a love of cooking (p.s. the recipes from their story are included at the end of the book).  Olivia survives a tragic event and I feel that her down to earth attitude is the only reason she was able to get through it.

Parker is determined to have a relationship with Olivia, but when tragedy strikes he falls into a deep depression stemming from guilt.  This book pulls on your heartstrings from many directions.  I highly recommend this story!

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