Sunday, June 20, 2021


Olivia was celebrating her 21st birthday in one of the nicest clubs in Manhattan.  Her dad had booked her the VIP section with the owner.  When she turned from her dad to thank the owner, she froze.  He was the hottest guy she had ever seen.  Upon future notice, he was older than she first thought, but that just made him sexier.

Lucian didn't usually book private parties at his club, but since Gavin Walsh had just invested a huge amount of money in his hospitality business Lucian didn't think his request was harmless.  Until he met his gorgeous daughter.  Who was eighteen years younger than him.

All the Prescotts had converged on Dallas after Aerin and Javi's surrogate gave them twin girls.  Lucian couldn't believe his hands that caused such damage could be holding something so precious.  Babies and a family weren't in his future.  He would be lucky if his future didn't include prison.

I loved this book!  This is one of the hottest books I've read in a while.  The chemistry between Olivia and Lucian had been building for five years and when Lucian let go and took what he wanted they were explosive.

I loved seeing the Prescott gang again and meeting not only their three sexy cousins but the Kings of Hell's Kitchen.  The book is well written and the characters are amazing.  Olivia may have been younger than Lucian, but she finally broke through Lucian's barriers and definitely held her own at the end.

I especially loved Lucian who would and has done everything to protect his family, but didn't think he deserved the same happiness his siblings had found.  This book has a wonderful plot and storyline full of intrigue and suspense.   I really connected with all the characters in this book and look forward to more Prescotts in the future!


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