Saturday, June 26, 2021


Taylor's best friend, Amy, was home for the summer and she was finally able to show off her new Camaro.   As she's trying to talk Amy into coming with her so they can cruise and admire the mansions in Benton she gets distracted by a text from her mom and barely avoids a head-on collision. 

When she arrives home she finds her mom on the porch sobbing and telling her that she'd just found out, she hadn't known and she was sorry.  She tells her to go indoors and speak with her father.  Her dad tells her that they had to move, that he had misjudged investments and borrowed money he couldn't repay.  That they would have to be making some major changes in their lifestyle. 

Six years later, instead of enjoying the day shopping in the boutiques in Benton, Taylor is a waitress in a coffee shop.  And her reality is far from her dreams of living in one of the massive mansions lining the Pacific Highway.   Her boyfriend and her live in a poor town twenty minutes away.  And unlike the other waitress, it's been ages since Brad has bought her a gift or spent the night having great sex.

The exciting thing in her life was that at least once a week the charismatic Marcus would stop in for coffee.  Unlike everyone else he always looked her in the eye and held a conversation before sitting with a book or writing.  When he had asked her out she told him she had a boyfriend, but when she got home that night, after having sex he drops the bomb that he was leaving that weekend for San Francisco to work with his brother.  

I loved this book.  It is very well written and the characters are very well developed.  This book is full of intrigue and suspense.   It takes a few twists and turns with a surprising ending.  This book is full of action and the storyline isn't what you think it would be.   It is full of disappointment, distrust, intrigue, and smoking hot chemistry. 

I highly recommend this book and love Cici Skye. 

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