Monday, June 7, 2021

REVIEW - CRUELTY & FIRE by Audrey Rush

Although his brother had ODed on heroin, he tried to cut and shoot himself first.  Guess he was determined.   It was Halloween and Vincent was digging a grave himself instead of hiring a crane.  It kept him occupied.

He and his brother were orphans and their uncle mentored them to take over his business.   He was a mortician.   And because his brother tried for the trifecta the sheriff's office has been to see him way too many times the last few days.

When he took a break from digging he drove to his favorite location.  A scenic view over the creek.  As he's letting the view soothe him the sheriff passes by with his wife and daughter.   They enter the flower shop owned by the mother and he can see a disagreement through the window.  Shortly after the daughter arrives near him crying.

When he arrives back at the mortuary he makes a decision.   He's going to ruin Kora Nova and her parents.  So despite his brother's request, he sets up the cremation process.  It's not like he's there to complain.   Adrenalin spikes through him as he imagines tearing Kora apart and seeing her tears flow down her face.

When the cremation process finished he went to the far side of the cemetery to find a new plot that he would dig just for Kora.  His need to paint was overwhelming so he put his brother's remains through the pulverizer and started mixing the ashes with the paint.  Dead or alive Kora was his new muse.

This is book of a two-part series.  I love this book.  The characters are amazing and the storyline kept me turning the pages.  Kora is 21 and has NEVER been out without her mother.  She had been homeschooled and when she was 18 her request to attend college had been denied.  Kora has a desperation for a bit of freedom but lets her mother control her.

Kora's mom, Shea, has some major control issues.  I'm not sure if we get the back story on Kora's parents in book two, but her mom is protective to the point of controlling and her dad shows no interest in anything but his job.  My heart breaks for Kora's missing childhood and missing out on socializing with other people.

Vincent is a very complicated man with a tortured soul.  Even with his determination to destroy Kora, I love him.  You see the conflicts and discrepancies of his character throughout the book...the good, bad, and ugly.

This story is very intense and full of intrigue and suspense.   It leaves you with a huge cliffhanger and the choices that Kora has to make.  Will she make the right one?  I can't wait to see how this story progresses in INNOCENCE & ASHES

Highly recommend this book.  If you haven't read anything by Audrey Rush I highly recommend her books.  They are dark and full of triggers, but the storylines are interesting and the men are dominant alpha males with good trying to overcome their evil deeds.  Her books are amazingly well written and I could see them in as a TV series.  

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