Friday, June 4, 2021

REVIEW - THE LEGACY by Dylan Allen

Hayes Rivers has felt nothing but pain since the death of his father.  He had been warned to stay away from this portion of their property, but what could be worse than the pain he already suffers?  He just had to get away from the funeral.  Then he runs into his family's rival's son Remington who tells him he needs to go tell his dad goodbye or he will regret it.

At the age of fourteen Hayes's life has fallen apart.  He just found out that he inherited twenty billion dollars to be held in trust until he turned twenty-five.  His trustee will be gifting him huge amounts each year that he wouldn't have access to until he became Chairman of the Board which couldn't happen until he was thirty.

His father had made sure he knew his responsibilities as Trustee of the family fortune but was appalled when he was told to keep himself safe.  That without a wife and heir everything would fall to his uncle.

Then he gets the worst news.  He is being sent to Italy to live with an aunt her didn't know existed leaving everything he knew behind.

Sixteen years later he is in an elevator when another person asks for them to hold the elevator.   He's had enough and refuses to hit the button in front of him.  A woman reaches around and presses the DOOR OPEN button, but as soon as she releases the button he hits DOOR CLOSE...shutting the doors in the face of the woman wanting to board.

Confidence is sitting at the wedding reception with her friend when she sees the gorgeous man from the elevator.   She's had enough wine to make her bold enough to approach him only to find out he's a class jerk and asshole.  

This book is wonderful!  I love the characters!  They are so multidimensional.   Hayes family.....just bat sh*t crazy!  Confidence is lacking in hers thanks to her family background and her ex-boyfriend/boss who was also a cheating douchebag who had her blackballed.  Hayes is what romance books are written about....tall, dark, handsome, rich, sex on a stick...assh*le who meets his match.  

This book is very well written and the storyline is very interesting.   I loved the community aspect of the book and coming together in a natural disaster.   This book gave me all the feels.  It is full if action, family dysfunction, romance, hot steamy sex, and laughs.  I love Confidence's nickname "TB", hilarious!  

I highly recommend this book and look forward to Remington's story.  Will be reading more books by Dylan Allen. 

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