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"Lacy was asked to spy on Rico and when he found out he was very unhappy and planned to punish her until he felt he could trust she would never betray him again."  Penny was just getting to the good part when the stewardess interrupted her, telling her that her Kindle and phone needed to be stowed.  Evidently, they were hitting some bad weather ahead. 

The next thing she knows the plane is taking a huge dive, lights flashing before pitching them into total blackness, and passengers screaming.  When the plane stabilized, she noticed the elderly woman beside her looked unconscious and her head hurt.  Then the plane takes another dive. 

When she opens her eyes again, there is a young woman sitting next to her flipping through a magazine.   Did she pass out?  The other passengers seemed to have calmed down and she didn't notice the elderly woman finding another seat.

She lands at London Heathrow looking for her reserved cab when a man grabs her and kisses her.  WTF!  Who is this gorgeous man?  She has no idea who this man is, but he can definitely kiss and he knows her name. 

I loved this book!  It is very well written and I found the storyline to be very intriguing.   The plot is surprising and well thought out.  The book doesn't so much have a cliffhanger, more like leaves you with a beginning of the twist.

Penny finds herself in her fantasy, but is scared for multiple reasons and is expecting to lose her newfound happiness at any second.  David feels initial guilt but then tries to get Penny to accept their new reality.   I love the characters.  They are fully developed and go through a huge range of emotions.  

This book has a mind-boggling plot and it is smoking hot.  I want to land in Penny's reality.  Looking forward to the second book in this duet! 

CLAIMED BY DADDY is book one of the CLAIMED BY DADDY Series

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