Sunday, June 27, 2021

REVIEW - THE REVENGE PLAN- Book Two by Dina Rask

Adrian couldn't believe that Nina and her family dared to come back to this town, especially after what they did to his older brother, Fred.  Even though Fred was so much older than him he always drove him to school.  That's the last time he saw him...dropping him off at school. 

Now after ten years he had his chance for revenge.   He had his chance to break Nina and avenge his brother.

As she approaches her house with Elle and Danny she swears she sees a man peeking in a window.  A man who has haunted her over the last year.  But, they didn't see anything so maybe she'd just imagined it.

As she's leaving work at the Blue Farm Cafe, she gets a text that turns her blood cold.  No, she can't see her it's just another sick way to get at her, but when she turns around Joe is right behind her.

Why won't her mom tell her what happened to her sister, Julie, and her dad?  

This is book two in The Revenge Plan series.  These are short stories that make a whole.  We get a further peek into what happened to Adrian's brother, Fred, but the full back story is yet to unfold.  And just when you think things are making sense, Dina Rask throws another curveball at you.

Looking forward to book three!  Loving this series!

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