Thursday, June 17, 2021


Colette was heartbroken when the director announced that their small community theater might not survive to the next season.  Elizabeth had been the one to suggest a black-tie event fundraiser since as an event planner she had a lot of experience.   But, not only does Elizabeth decide to elope and dump the whole thing in her lap, she has done NOTHING in the last few weeks for this event.

She decides that instead of going off on Elizabeth's morning text she'll pick up coffee and breakfast at her favorite coffee shop and head to her boyfriend's.  Only to arrive and hear groaning, wall-banging, and skin slapping against skin.  It's too early to deal with this sh!t.

Connor, CJ, is a contract lawyer working for his dad's firm and he has had to work overtime to prove he earned his job and not because of his last name.  As soon as he arrives in the office he is given a fifteen-minute warning that one of the partners wants to meet with him.  He is wracking his brain trying to figure out why.

They want him to move to the Baltimore office for the summer to run their mentor program.  Now he understood his mother's cryptic text message this morning about him being home and he would be receiving a call to be the commencement guest speaker for graduation next week.   He's been gone for a decade and had no plans on going back, but since his goal is to make partner he has no choice in the matter.

I loved this book.  It draws you in from the beginning of the book.  The characters are all well developed and the storyline is everything you could ask for...betrayal, great friendships, family, heartbreak, suspense, and amazing sex.  

I loved Colette.  She has a vulnerability and will do anything for those she loves.  CJ has deep-seated daddy issues that have led him to be a workaholic with no social life.  I love how Colette and CJ's lives bring them together from San Francisco to Baltimore. 

I highly recommend this book and Gemma Smith.  I am looking forward to what this new author comes out with next.  I was even able to add to my TBR list with the help of Colette's Kindle reading LOL.

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